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    Zambia is a land of

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      Zambia is a beautiful state in East Africa with an area of about 290,586 square miles. It is one of the well-known destinations and one of the safest places to visit. If you are considering Zambia as your workplace, we will guide you with everything about the Zambia Work Visa.

      How to get a Zambia Work Visa?

      If you want to work in Zambia for longer than six months, you need to apply for the Zambia Work Visa (Employment Permit). It will allow you to enter the state for employment purposes. To stay in the country for long-term, you need to apply for the residence permit, which is issued by the Immigration Department of Zambia. You can obtain a Zambia residence permit through the electronic service (eServices) of the Zambia Immigration Department.

      Before applying for the work visa, you must have a job offer from the company or employer in Zambia. After getting a job, your employer in Zambia needs to apply for the work permit on your behalf. 


      What are the requirements for the Zambia Work Visa?

      You must have the following documents to obtain a Zambia Work Visa.

      1. A completed Zambia Work Visa application form

      2. An employment contract or invitation letter from the company or employer in Zambia

      3. Your CV (Curriculum vitae)

      4. A cover letter from the employer directed to the Director-General of Immigration

      5. A police clearance document from the native country

      6. A document that shows your qualification and experience

      7. Proof of enough financial means, i.e. bank statement

      8. Proof that shows a payment of the visa fee

      9. Evidence of accommodation in Zambia

      10. Health insurance document

      11. Marital status

      12. Police clearance report from the native state

      Note that: The visa requirements for the Zambia Work Visa varies from country to country. So you need to visit the nearest Zambia Embassy or consulate for more details.


      What will be the cost of a Zambia Work Visa?

      The cost of a work visa for Zambia varies from national to national.


      What will be the processing time for a Zambia Work Visa?

      The processing time for the Zambia visa is dependent on the location of the Zambia embassy or consulate where you apply for the visa.


      What will be the validity of a Zambia Work Permit?

      It is valid for up to 2 years, and the work permit can be extended for up to up to a maximum of 5 years at the discretion of the Chief immigration officer.


      Visa Vendors Assessment Form

      Go to the, where you need to follow the following procedure:

      • Fill in the Assessment form
      • Receive our email
      • You will have to pay the refundable visa service fee that Visa Vendor charges
      • After your payment, you will be given credentials of your portal
      • You will attach all your important documents that are mentioned in the checklist above
      • Finalizing your visa application
      • Once your application is completed, it will be sent to the embassy to get processed


      Do you want to study in Zambia? If so, you need to apply for the Zambia Study Visa.

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