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    Ukraine Work Visa

    Ukraine is gradually growing in many fields and offering enormous opportunities to skilled international professionals who want to start a pleasant life.

    Table of Contents

      It is a vast country in Eastern Europe with an area of 603,700 sq km, well-known for its traditional churches, forestry mountains, and the black sea coastline. Its capital is Kyiv, the largest city in Ukraine. 

      We will guide you with everything about Ukraine if you are considering it for your workplace.


      How to get a Ukraine Work Visa?

      If you want to enter Ukraine for work purposes, all you need to have a Ukraine work visa. A Ukraine work visa is a type of Long-Term Ukraine Visa. Usually, it is for temporary or permanent settlement in Ukraine. You are eligible to apply for a Ukraine Work Visa once you get a job there and a Ukrainian Work permit. It allows you to stay for up to 90 days with the possibility of multiple entries. After arrival, you will need to have a temporary residence permit if you want to stay for more than 90 days.

      Note that you also need to get a work permit in addition to securing the temporary residence permit. 


      What will be the Ukraine Work Visa requirements?

      If you want a Ukraine Work Visa, you will need to have the following documents.

      1. Completed Ukraine Visa Application Form (signed)

      2. Valid passport

      3. Two passport-size photos with 35 mm x 45 mm Dimensions

      5. Health Insurance document 

      6. Proof that shows sufficient financial means 

      7. Proof of accommodation in Ukraine

      8. Return travel ticket

      9. Evidence of a Ukraine visa fee payment

      10. Employment Permit or a work permit

      11. Letter of invitation from the company

      12. A Confirmation letter from the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in Ukraine


      What is the process of getting a Ukraine Work Permit?

      According to Ukrainian legislation, international citizens can be employed in Ukraine in case there is no Ukraine citizen applicable for a particular job. 

      In most cases, the Employer has to get a work permit for you and submit the work permit application. It is issued according to the employment agreement but not for more than three years.

      Work Permit for three years:

      You are eligible for a three-year work permit only if you are in the highly preferred categories of international employees, i.e., IT professionals, Highly-paid professionals, and innovative professionals sent to Ukraine by a foreign employer.

      Work Permit for one year:

      For all others, it will be issued for one year.

      Note that a work permit can be renewed unlimited time, and you can also apply for a work permit for a shorter period than mentioned above.

      Once your work permit application is approved, the company/employer in Ukraine will receive bank details for fees payment, and fees must be paid within 10-working days after this Employer will obtain a work permit.

      The company/employer has to provide you with the certified copy of a work permit, and the employment agreement must be concluded within 90-days of a work permit issue date. Then the Employer provides a copy of the certified employment agreement to the state employment services of Ukraine within ten days after the employment agreement concluded.


      What to do After arrival in Ukraine?

      After arrival in Ukraine, you will also need to have a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. After obtaining it, you have to register yourself with state authorities in Ukraine within 30-days after your temporary residence permit. 


      What will be documents required for a Ukraine Work Permit?

      You will need to provide the following document to your Employer, to get a work permit for Ukraine.

      1. Completed application of work permit

      2. Copy of valid passport

      3. Color Photo (3.5*4.5)

      4. Copy of Employment Agreement

      5. Appointment order

      6. A document that shows the nature of employment

      Note that all the documents must be legalized and translated into the Ukrainian language.


      What will be the living cost in Ukraine?

      The cost of living in Ukraine is quite low as compared to various other European states. Usually, it will cost around $ 1,200 to $ 1,500 a year for living in Ukraine.


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