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    Turkey Work Visa

    Turkey is a furiously astonishing country with fanciful beaches, curious fishing villages, and crystal clear water.

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      In Turkey, you will enjoy a friendly, overwhelming, and multicultural environment. Turkey is also a popular travel destination. Every year around 35 million visitors visit Turkey.

      It is a fusion of Greeks, Romans, Persians, Babylonians, Hittites, some Egyptians, Arabians, Caucasians, Ionians, Sumerians,  many other nations, and ethnic groups. Every year multiple international citizens choose Turkey as their workplace.

      If you want to work in Turkey, you need to apply for a Turkey Work Visa. It is an approval to enter Turkey for work purposes. Along with a Turkey Work Visa, you will also need to obtain a work permit.


      How to get a Turkey Work Visa?

      The process of getting a Turkey Work Visa is quite different from other Turkish visas. Before applying for a work visa, you must have a job offer or job contract from any Turkish Company. You have to submit your work visa application to the Turkish embassy in your native country. After submission, within ten days, your employer will need the following documents to submit to the Turkish MLSS (Ministry of Labor and Social Security) to get a work permit. 

      1. Copy of passport

      2. Turkey Work Visa application

      3. Passport-size Photo

      4. Employment contract

      After you get a Turkish Work Visa, you have to enter Turkey within 180 days. After your arrival, you need to register with the Address Registry System in Turkey within a month.

      Keep in Mind your application may be rejected for being uncompleted if your employer can not submit all the required documents on time.

      How to get a Turkey Work Permit?

      To work in Turkey, you need a Turkey Work Permit. It is valid for up to a year, and it can be extendable for up to three years for the same employer/company.

      Getting a work permit will take around a month. A Turkey Work Visa application is meaningless without a work permit application, and the employer in Turkey must complete the application process for a work permit.

      What Documents required for a Turkey Work Visa?

      To get a Turkey Work Visa, you will need to have the following documents. 

      1. Completed Application Form of Turkey Work Visa 

      2. Valid passport

      3. Passport-size photos

      4. Criminal record 

      5. A job offer or a job contract

      6. Graduation certificate

      7. Diplomas or certificates

      8. Medical Insurance

      9. Proof of accommodation in Turkey

      10. Evidence that shows Enough funds 

      11. Work permit


      What will be the Processing time?

      After your employer has submitted all the required documents for a Turkey work permit, it will take around 30 days for visa processing.


      What will be the cost of the Turkish Work Permit?

      The cost of a Turkish Work Permit depends on the duration and type of the permit. Usually, it will cost:

      For a year:

      • It will cost 111,20 TL.

      For three years:

      • It will cost 334,50 TL.

      For an unlimited period: 

      • It will cost 557,90 TL.


      Is it Expensive to live in Turkey?

      In Turkey, Istanbul is the most expensive place to live in. It will cost around USD 255.19 for an apartment with one bedroom.


      What will be the Average Salary in Turkey?

      The salary in Turkey depends on the type of employment, but usually, in Turkey, the average wage is approximately TRY 147,642.

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