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    Serbia Work Visa

    Serbia is a mountainous country in Southeastern Europe and is well-known for several industries.

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      If you choose Serbia as your workplace, you will enjoy a peaceful and pleasant life here. To work in Serbia, you will need a Serbia Work Visa.


      How to get a Serbia Work Visa?

      The government of Serbia issues a variety of visas to foreign nationals. If you want to enter Serbia for work purposes, all you need is a Long-Stay visa (Type D visa) or a temporary residence visa. It is for temporary residence in Serbia. Before applying for a work visa, you must have an Invitation from the Serbian Company. You have to apply to the Serbian embassy in your native country. 

      Note that if you want to live and work in Serbia, you will need to have a temporary residence permit as well as a work permit.


      What are the Types of Serbian Work Permit?

      1. Type-A permit

      It will allow you to work for any employer in Serbia for an unlimited period. You are only eligible for this permit when you lived and worked in Serbia on a Type-B permit for almost 4-years. For the following countries, it will be 3-years.

      • Algeria
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Kosovo
      • Macedonia
      • Montenegro
      • Morocco
      • Serbia
      • Tunisia 
      • Turkey
      • Croatia

      2. Type-B permit

      It will allow you to work for only one employer with the validity of one year. It can be renewed by the same employer and generally for the same job. 

      3. Type-C permit

      It will allow you to work for multiple employers. It is valid for only one year. It is usually issued to those whose length of stay in Serbia is not confirmed, and it can be renewed.


      What will be the process of getting a Serbia Work Permit?

      A work permit is often stuck with a term temporary residence permit. But these are two different terms. You will need to obtain both a work permit as well as a temporary residence permit. A temporary residence permit is a precondition for a work permit. It means a work permit is issued if you have a temporary residence permit. Before your arrival in Serbia, the company/employer where you got a job has to apply for a work permit on your behalf.

      The processing time for a work permit will be around one to two weeks. Once your Temporary Residence Visa or Serbia Work Visa and a work permit have been approved, you are eligible to work in Serbia.

      Note that Serbia is a European country, but it is not a member of the European Union (EU). However, citizens of EU member states will also require a permit to work in Serbia.


      What will be the requirements for a Serbia Work Visa?

      The Required documents to Obtain a Work Visa for Serbia or a Temporary Residence Visa are as follow:

      1. Completed Application Form 

      2. Valid Passport 

      3. Letter of invitation (Work Permit)

      4. Health Insurance Document

      5. Passport-size photo

      6. Evidence that shows sufficient funds for staying in Serbia

      7. Payment of the visa fee

      Note that all the official documents should be translated into the Serbian language.

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