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    Russia is a country of great natural elegance and charm. Enormous natural resources of Russia have made it one of the world

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      Russia is a country in Eastern Europe, and the ruble is its currency. Every year foreigners from worldwide choose Russia as their workplace. Here, you will experience excellent working rules, like in Western Europe. Russia has so much to offer, there are multiple employment opportunities, and foreigners are often highly paid professionals. If you want to work in Russia, you must have a work permit.


      Who does not need a Russia Work Visa?

      If you are a national of any CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) country, you do not need to have a work visa in Russia.

      • Armenia
      • Azerbaijan
      • Belarus
      • Kazakhstan
      • Kyrgyzstan
      • Moldova
      • Russia
      • Tajikistan
      • Uzbekistan


      How to get Russia Work Visa?

      A Russia Work Visa allows you to enter and work in Russia. Before applying for a work visa to Russia, you need to have a work invitation from a particular Russian company. For this, you must have a job in Russia first.  It is issued when you have found a job in Russia. You cannot apply for a Russia Work Visa if you do not have a job there.  It will give you the right to live, work, and get paid for the duration of its validity.

      Once you receive a work invitation, you can apply for a work visa. The whole process of employment before issuing a work invitation is the duty of your employer/company. It will take from one to several months to get, depending on the type of work permit.

      However, you have to wait until the employer takes all the following necessary steps.

      1. Obtain a permit to employ outsider worker

      2. Apply for a work permit

      3. Submit documents for a work invitation

      Also, a work visa for Russia can not be obtained without a work permit. 


      Types of Russia work permit

      The employer/company has to apply to the GUVM(Russian General Directorate of Migratory Affairs)for your work permit once you have a job. There are different types of permit that depend on the type of employment.

      1. General Russia Work Permit

      If you get a quota or above quota position, you will need this permit. It is valid for the period of your employment contract. If your job lasts longer than a year, you will need to renew it each year. 

      2. Russia Work Permit for Highly Qualified Professionals

      It is a special permit for skilled workers. If you are highly qualified and get employment with a salary of over R1 million, you will get this permit. It is usually processed within 14-days and is valid for three years.

      3. For CIS Nationals

      If you are a citizen of any CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States), you only need to apply for a work patent. It means that you can work outside of government quotas, and your employer will not require a permit. 

      To obtain a work patent, you have to pass an exam about knowledge of Russian language, history, and laws of Russia.


      What to do after you arrived in Russia?

      When you reach the Russian port, you will receive a document (immigration card). It consists of two parts. One part will remain at the border police, and the other one you need to have with you. Before leaving Russia, you will need to submit this document (immigration card) again. You have to register your visa within seven days. If you are staying in a hotel during the whole stay, the hotel will register your visa. They will need a 

      • Copy of your passport
      • Copy of Visa 
      • Immigration card 

      Also, if you will be staying at a private home, the owner will need to register your visa. They will need the same documents as above. 


      What will be the Required Documents for Russia Work Visa?

      To get a work visa, you will need to have some documents as a part of your application.

      1. Completed application form 

      2. Valid Passport

      3. Passport-size Photo

      4. Work invitation of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation (Your Russian employer is responsible for this kind of request)

      5. Letter of Employer with employment details (signed and written by your employer)

      6. HIV (AIDS) Test Report

      7. Health Insurance document


      What will be the cost of Russia Work Visa?

      The cost for a Russia work visa depends on nationality, length of stay, and processing time. Usually, it ranges from over 30 EUR to over 500 EUR.  


      What will be the processing time of getting a Russia Work Visa?

      It will take around 7-20 working days. If you want a visa on an urgent basis, it will take around three working days with double processing fees.

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