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    Norway Work Visa

    It is one of the Scandinavian countries and highly rated for its literacy rate, educational system, and wealth resources.

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      Norway is a highly industrialised and digitised state. The luxurious life and peaceful environment of Norway attract skilled workers worldwide to live and work in Norway. Almost 14% of the total population of Norway are foreigners. Some of them come to Norway to find a job. It is a dream destination for every professional worker.

      In Norway, everyone has equal rights in the workplace, and a skilled worker can earn a minimum of NOK 197.90 per hour. If you want to work in Norway, you might need a Norway Work visa/Norwegian work visa. You will be happy to know that Norwegian authorities have quite a simple process of getting a Norwegian work visa.


      Who needs a Norway Work Visa?

      The first thing you have to figure out is whether you need a work permit or not. In some instances, it might not be necessary to have a work permit.

      For EU/EEA/EFTA countries:

      If you are a citizen of any EU/EEA/EFTA country, you do not need to apply for a permit to work or residence or study in Norway. But you have to register yourself in Norway police if you are there for more than three months. It will not cost anything. You can also apply for a permanent residence permit after five years of continuous legal residence in Norway.

      Note that if you move to Norway without a job, you have to register as a job seeker.

      For other Countries:

      If you are from any of the following countries, you do not need to register with the police, but you must inform the National Registry.

      1. Swedish 

      2. Danish 

      3. Finnish

      4. Icelandic 

      For Non-EEA countries:

      If you are not a citizen of an EEA country, you will have to apply for a Norwegian work visa or a residence permit to work in Norway. 


      How to get a Norway Work Visa?

      There are different routes for workers to get a work permit. If you are a professional worker or want to start your own business, then the Skilled-Workers visa is mostly referred.

      To get a visa under the scheme of skilled-workers, you usually need to have a valid job offer, and if you are self-employed, you and your business will need to meet specific criteria. If you want to come to Norway to work for multiple employers, you can still get a visa, but you have to explain your situation in detail.

      There are also a few cases when you do not need to have a job before you arrive in Norway. It is usually applied when your native state has an exclusive reciprocal visa agreement with Norway; you are a skilled worker as well. In this case, you will have a short term permit for up to 6-month in which you can find your job. Once you have a job, before going to start your career, you need to change your permit into a work permit so that you can work legally in Norway.

      Note that Norway is not covered by an EU Blue Card scheme, which applies to many other European countries.

      For Fixed Term and Seasonal Workers:

      If you want to work in Norway for less than three months, you do not need to apply for a residence or work permit. Usually, it is for workers in industries such as fishing and agriculture.

      Note that it can be renewable, but 1-3 months before the permit is going to expire.


      What will be the requirements for a Norway Work Visa?

      You have to need the following documents to get a Norwegian work visa.

      1. Completed application form

      2. Valid passport

      3. Passport size photos (two)

      4. CV and qualifications

      5. Proof of your job offer from Norway

      6. Evidence of accommodation in Norway

      7. Explain your proposed working conditions

      8. Health Insurance

      Note that all the documents must be translated into either English or Norwegian language. 


      What will be the cost of a Norway Work Visa?

      Usually, the cost of the Norwegian work visa is around 3,200 to 3,700 NOK. In some instances, additional fees are depending on where you submit your application. 

      Note: To know about the visit visa of Norway. Click here Norway Visit Visa.

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