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    Macedonia is a Southeastern European country well-known for its huge mountains. Every year many outsiders choose Macedonia as their workplace, and it would be the best opportunity for you to work.

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      It is the second most mountainous country in the world. Another interesting fact about Macedonia is that it is the only country that got freedom without shedding any blood. Macedonian is the official language of Macedonia, but other languages are also commonly used in Macedonia like English, German, Serbo-Croatian, and French.

      In Macedonia, outsider workers and Macedonian citizens have equal freedom in the workplace. To work in Macedonia, you need to have a Macedonia Work Visa.


      Types of Visas issued in Macedonia

      The government of Macedonian issues three various kinds of visas:

      1. Type B Visa 

      • It is for Transit.
      • It will allow a maximum stay of 5-days.

      2. Type C Visa

      • It is for Short stays.
      • It will allow visits to up-to 3-months.

      3. Type D Visa 

      • It is for Long stays.
      • It issued for work, research purposes, medical therapy, study, family gettogether, and charitable work.


      What type of Visa do you need to Work in Macedonia?

      To work and live in Macedonia, you need a Type D Visa which can also be called Macedonia Work Visa. However, the Long-Stay Visa will not allow you to stay in Macedonia for so long. So after you arrived in Macedonia, the first thing you need is to complete the process of getting a Temporary Residence permit from the Ministry of Interior. You can start your work in Macedonia after you have received confirmation for either Temporary or Permanent Residence in the state.

      So if you want to live and work in Macedonia, you will need to obtain a Residency Permit as well as a Work Permit.

      Note that:

      1. You can also start working in Macedonia when you get a confirmation letter from the Employment Agency of the Republic of Macedonia.

      2. You will also need a work permit, which must be obtained by the employer on your behalf in Macedonia.


      What will be the Requirements for Macedonia Work Visa?

      Required Documents to get a Type D Visa:

      Before moving to Macedonia, you will need to the following documents to be submitted to get a Type D Visa:

      1. One photograph (passport-sized)

      2. Health Insurance Certificate

      3. Completed Application form of Temporary Residence Permit

      4. Valid passport

      5. Copy of the application of your work permit(provided by the employer or the company in Macedonia)


      After arrival in Macedonia, To get a Temporary Residency Permit, you will need some additional documents:

      1. Valid passport

      2. Passport-size photo

      3. Travel Insurance Document

      4. Original Copy of your work permit application

      5. Agreement of Temporary Residence from the Ministry of Interior Affairs

      6. Evidence that shows no Criminal background

      7. Proof that shows accommodation in Macedonia


      Who issues the Work Permit in Macedonia?

      The Employment Service Agency in Macedonia issues the Work permit. Before you start the process of getting a temporary residence permit, your employer or the company should begin the Work permit process on your behalf.


      What will be the Processing Time for getting a Macedonia Work Visa?

      The Ministry issues a National Temporary Residence Identity Card to the employee, and you have to apply for the work permit within 25-days. After applying, it usually takes almost 45-days to get a work permit. Once you get a work permit, you can start working for your company in Macedonia.


      What will be the living cost in Macedonia?

      It is quite affordable and one of the cheapest countries in Europe. In Macedonia, the total cost of living of a person is approximately $273.375 without including rent expenses.


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