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    Montenegro Work Visa

    It is one of the rapidly growing countries in Europe. If you want to work in Montenegro, you need to obtain a work permit.

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      Montenegro is a country in Southeast Europe. It is a full package of wild, magical natural sights, sun-soaked beaches, crystal clear lakes, and majestic mountains. Due to its fascinating beauty and peaceful environment, foreign workers choose to work and live here.


      What are the steps of getting a Montenegro Work Permit?

      If you want to work in Montenegro, all you need is a Long-Stay visa (D) to enter Montenegro. It will allow you to stay in Montenegro for more than 90-days but, no longer than 6-months within one year. It is for work purposes.

      After you arrive in the state, you will need a temporary residence permit and work permit to work in Montenegro. Here, a work permit is a necessary document to get a residence permit.

      Note that in some cases, permission for temporary residence in Montenegro may be considered a Long-Stay visa.


      How to get a Montenegro Temporary Residence Permit?

      A Temporary Residence Permit allows you to stay in the state for a year or as long as you want. It can be renewed after a year.

      To get a temporary residence permit, you will need to have a work permit. It is a required document that enables you to obtain a temporary residence permit for employment or work. The Employment Bureau of Montenegro issues a Work permit.

      After obtaining a temporary residence permit, you may be able to work and live in Montenegro. It will usually take 20-days to get a residence permit.


      What are the Types of Work Permit in Montenegro?

      There are three types of work permits issues in Montenegro.

      1. Personal work permit

      2. Employment permit 

      3. Work permit

      1. Personal Work Permit

      A Personal Work Permit is a permit that allows you free access to the labor market. If you have a Personal Work Permit, you will have equal rights as a Montenegrin citizen in terms of unemployment and employment. You can get this work permit only when you have a permanent residence.

      2. Employment permit

      An employment permit mostly issued at the request of an employer. According to this permit, an employer makes a labor contract with a foreign worker.

      3. Work permit

      A work permit is a permit with a fixed duration of work. This permit usually issued for Seasonal workers.

      Note that all the permits issued for a limited time, for a period of three months to one year, and it can be extendable to more years, depending on the type of permit.


      What will be the requirements for Montenegro Work Permit?

      You will need the following documents to get a Long-Stay visa (D).

      1. Travel document(passport)

      2. Health Insurance Document

      3. Criminal Record check from native country

      4. Marriage Certificate (for spouse)

      5. Criminal Record check from Montenegro

      6. Birth Certificate (for children)

      7. Evidence of accommodation in Montenegro 

      8. Medical Certificate issued in Montenegro

      9. Bank statement from a Montenegrin bank that shows sufficient funds

      10. Confirmation of employment issued by the Employment Office

      11. A document that shows qualification (university degree)

      12. Employment details

      13. Document of Registration (for companies or self-employed entrepreneurs)


      Requirements for a Temporary Residence in Montenegro:

      There is a list of documents you need to have to get a Temporary Residence in Montenegro.

      1. Valid passport 

      2. Proof that shows education

      3. Report of criminal record 

      4. A bank statement that shows sufficient funds

      5. Marriage certificate (for spouse)

      6. Birth certificate of children

      7. Proof of accommodation in the state

      8. Evidence of employment 

      9. Document of health insurance

      10. Work permit document

      Note that a licensed Montenegrin translator must translate all the documents.


      How much can you earn in Montenegro?

      Typically, you can earn around 2,020 EUR per month. In Montenegro, salaries range from 270 EUR to 8,950 EUR.


      What will be the living cost in Montenegro?

      You will be happy to know that Montenegro is less expensive than other European states. It will cost you approximately 500-600 euros a month, including all expenses.

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