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    Monaco Work Visa

    One of the reasons that attract foreigners to work and live in Monaco is its magnificent casinos, grand malls, luxurious bars and clubs, and human-made beaches.

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      Monaco is one of the wealthiest states, located in Western Europe. Around 30% of the population, there are millionaires and billionaires. French is the official language of Monaco. Here, only 6,000 people have Monaco citizenship, and the rest are wealthy people from all over the world.

      It does not have its army; France is responsible for its military protection. If you are thinking about Monaco as your workplace, then the first thing you need to have a Monaco Work Permit or Monaco Work Visa.


      How to get a Monaco Work Visa or Monaco Work Permit?

      According to the Monaco-France Agreement, if you need a visa to France, you will also need a visa to Monaco. 

      So, if you want to work and live in Monaco, the first thing you will need a Long-Stay Visa. It will allow you to enter Monaco and also to live in the country for 3-12 months without applying for a separate residence permit.  

      To obtain a work permit, you have to submit your employment contract stamped by the employment service in Monaco and other required documents. It is the responsibility of the company where you got a job to help you to obtain a work permit. In your absence, the company has to submit all the required documents on your behalf. Generally, the process of work permit confirmation changes and depends on the Immigration Service in Monaco.

      Note that during the validity of the Long-Stay Visa, it is equivalent to a Schengen visa, allow you to visit and stay in the Schengen Area for 90-days within any period of 180-days as the same conditions of a Schengen visa.


      Who issued the Monaco Work Visa or Monaco Work Permit?

      In Monaco, the Employment Department of Monaco issue a work permit.


      What will be the Required Documents?

      You have to need the following documents if you want to apply for a Long-Stay Visa for Monaco.

      1. A document that shows you have never been proclaiming bankrupt

      2. Document of Criminal Record

      3. Evidence of accommodation in Monaco

      4. Work permit Document

      5. A contract between you and your company/employer 

      6. Marital status

      Note that the cost of a Long-stay visa is about 99€.

      Documents for a work permit in Monaco:

      If you want to get a work permit, then you will need to have the following documents.

      1. Completed Application Form

      2. Valid passport

      3. Passport-size photo

      4. Police Clearance Document

      5. Travel Insurance Document

      6. Evidence that shows accommodation in Monaco

      7. Visa fees Document

      8. Proof of sufficient funds to live in Monaco 

      9. Invitation letter from the company 

      10. Agreement of the Department of Public Safety and the Occupational Health Office

      Note: Who can visit Monaco without a visa? Click here to see a list of countries.


      How much can you earn in Monaco?

      The monthly income of a person ranges from 2,060 EUR to 43,600 EUR. Typically, a person can earn almost 10,400 EUR per month in Monaco. 


      What is the tax system of Monaco?

      In Monaco, there is no income or company tax; that is why the wealthy and famous have residency there. Moreover, there is no capital gains or wealth tax.

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