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    Moldova Work Visa

    Moldova is one of the poorest European countries and landlocked between Romania and Ukraine.

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      Romanian is the native language of about 80.2% of the population, and Russian is also a commonly used language of Moldova. It is an exceptionally cheap country, and leu is the currency of Moldova. It is the least visited country of Europe, but every year, multiple outsider workers choose Moldova as their destination to work.

      If you are considering Moldova as your workplace, then you will need a work permit of Moldova.


      How to get a Moldova Work Visa?

      To work in Moldova, you will need a Moldova work permit. The employer or the company will begin the process of work permit. The method of work permit confirmation in Moldova changes and depends on the Office of Migration in Moldova. You must have a Long-Stay Visa before applying for a Moldova Work Permit.


      Steps of Getting Moldova Work Permit

      The Republic of Moldova issues different types of visas. Initially, you will need a Long-Stay Visa (Type D) to get into Moldova for work purposes. It will allow you to apply for a Moldova Work permit and Temporary Residence Permit so that you can work in Moldova.

      The company or the employers have to submit all the required documents of the work permit on your behalf. You can work without obtaining a work permit on Moldova on the basis of a Temporary Residence permit. 

       NOTE: Who does not need a visa to enter Moldova? Click Here to see the list of countries.


      What will be the Requirements of getting Moldova Work Visa?

      You will have to need the following documents to be submitted to get a work permit for Moldova.

      1. National identity card

      2. Passport

      3. For employment the manipulation of the company to the National Agency 

      4. Documents confirming the activity of the company 

      5. The employment contract of the individual

      6. Copy of the study document that shows the qualification

      7. Medical Insurance Certificate (absence of HIV / AIDS )

      8. The document that shows the provision with rental space for a certain period 

      9. Color photograph (white background)

      10. Criminal record document from the native country


      Requirements for a Long-Stay Visa:

      The following documents you require to get a Long-Stay Visa.

      1. Completed Application Form

      2. Your passport 

      3. Colored picture (50 × 60 mm)

      4. Invitation letter from the company of Moldova

      5. Travel Health Insurance document

      6. Certificate of police clearance

      7. A document that shows Work Permit issued by the National Agency for Employment of the Ministry of Economy


      Is Moldova cheap to live?

      In Moldova, things are very cheap as one Moldovan Lei equals 0.05 Euro, and most of the meals in different restaurants are under 10 €, which is unbelievably low for European standards.


      How much can you earn in Moldova?

      If you are working in Moldova, then you can earn almost 26,900 MDL per month. Generally, salaries range from 3,630 MDL to 119,000 MDL.


      Moldova Taxation System for foreign workers

      If you want to live and work in Moldova, you have to pay income tax from your earnings.

      There are three conditions:

      1. Income between 12,180 MDL and 16,200 MDL will pay 10% tax 
      2. Income between 16,201 MDL and 21,000 MDL will pay 15% tax 
      3. Income above 21,000 MDL will pay 22% tax


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