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    Mauritius Work Visa

    Mauritius is a desirable destination for foreign workers and professionals from all over the fields.

    Table of Contents

      Mauritius is an attractive country famous for its beaches and lagoons. The government of Mauritius is spending a lot on development work and constantly raising its economy. Hence, many workers and skilful people choose Mauritius for their work destination. This country is full of opportunities for workers.

      Are you also considering Mauritius for work? If so, you need to know everything about Mauritius Work Visa before making the final decision.


      Types of Mauritius Work Visa

      The government of Mauritius has introduced different types of Mauritius Work Visa. You need to know about them and decide which type of visa you require.

      1. Work Permit

      Work Permit is a type of permit that you need to work in Mauritius. Any person who has relevant skills like labour, coding, accounting, management need a work permit to work in the country legally. Along with a work permit, you also need a residence permit which involves extra processing steps.

      2. Occupation Permit

      It is a type of work visa that includes both the work permit and the residence permit. But this permit is only applicable to people in these categories: sponsored professionals, investors, and self-employed workers.

      3. Business Visa (Short Term)

      A business visa is a short term visa intended for those who need to travel to Mauritius for business purposes or on their company's behalf. 

      So, the most common type of Mauritius work visa is a Work Permit.


      How to Apply for Mauritius Work Visa?

      First of all, you have to secure a full-time job position in a registered company of Mauritius. After this, complete the required documents to apply for the work visa. Then the company will apply for your work permit and residence permit at the "Passport and Immigration Office" and the "Ministry of Environment, Human Resource Development and Employment" in Mauritius.

      In the case of a business visa, a cover letter is required from your company mentioning the details of your travel, and the proof of accommodation is also necessary.


      Documents required for Mauritius Work Permit & Residence Permit

      You need to complete the following documents to get Mauritius Work Visa.

      1. A completed Mauritius Work Visa Application Form

      2. Four of your recent photographs

      3. Photocopies of the data pages of your Passport

      4. Photocopies of your academic degrees

      5. Photocopies of any proofs of your professional qualifications

      6. A full description of your job issued by the employer with whom you are going to work in Mauritius

      7. A copy of the employer's business registration card

      8. Health & medical certificates.

      Documents required for Mauritius Business Visa

      • A completed visa application form
      • Proof of confirmed return ticket.
      • Two recent photographs
      • Valid Passport (with a validity of at least six months) 
      • Bank statements for the last three months to show enough funds.
      • Copy of your Credit card.
      • Confirmed booking of accommodation is also required.
      • A cover letter stating the purpose and of business travel


      What will be the processing time for the Mauritius Work visa?

      It will take between 2 to 15 days for the visa process to complete. 


      What will be the Cost for Mauritius Work Visa?

      We cannot mention a fixed visa cost here because the total cost of Mauritius work visa (including work permit & residence permit) is dependent on your job type and your company.


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