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    Liechtenstein Work Visa

    Productive jobs with powerful aspects for the future make foreign workers choose Liechtenstein as their workplace.

    Table of Contents

      Liechtenstein is known for its several private banks, and it is one of the countries where it is the hardest to become a citizen. German is the official language of Liechtenstein, while Swiss German, Walser, Alemannic, and English are the other languages routinely used in the country.

      In Liechtenstein, there are plenty of jobs for skilled workers. Currently, Lichtenstein pops up as a satisfactory country. Gradually, it is becoming a sensible and desirable place to work for experienced workers because it offers freedom and numerous services. But it has a firm policy regarding the work and residence permit for foreigners.


      Working in Liechtenstein

      After getting a job in Liechtenstein, the first question that arises in your mind is how to apply for the work permit in Liechtenstein. There are two ways to get a work permit in Liechtenstein. Either to live in Liechtenstein or to become a cross border worker. 

      If you choose to live in Liechtenstein, then you will need a residence permit. But in Liechtenstein, it is tough to get a Residence permit. Therefore, you have only the option to work legally in Liechtenstein by becoming a cross border worker. Every day around half of the workforce in Liechtenstein commutes from abroad.

      In this permit, every day, you have to return to your resident country after the end of your working day. So it is only convenient if you are a resident of a neighboring state. 

      Note that if you got a job as a maintainer or as a cafe worker with a room as a part of your job contract, So it is not compulsory to return every day to your resident country after the end of the working day. However, you can return to your place of residence at least once a week.

      However, if you are living in Liechtenstein, then you do not need any kind of permit except nationality.


      Who issued a cross-border commuter permit in Liechtenstein?

      The cross-border commuter permit is issued by the Migration and Passport Office in Liechtenstein.


      Categories of Cross-border commuters

      Workers who work in Liechtenstein but live outside the state are categorized into three following classes.

      1. Swiss citizens

      2. EEA citizens

      3. Citizens of other countries

      • Swiss citizens

      If you are a Swiss citizen, then you will need no work permit in Liechtenstein. You do not need to register with the police, and the employer also does not have to register you. 

      • EEA citizens

      If you are a citizen of EEA (European Economic Area), then you must register yourself with the authorities in Liechtenstein. Your employer has to register you with the Migration and Passport Office ten-days before your first day at work.

      You will receive a confirmation letter as a cross-border commuter after you have completed the registration.

      Note that you will also have to pay tax in Liechtenstein.

      • Citizens of other countries

      If you are a citizen of any other country, then you will need a cross-border commuter permit to work in Liechtenstein. The Migration and Passport Office confirm it after the fulfillment of specific requirements, and it is usually issued for one year. You will have to pay tax in Liechtenstein.

      Note that the application must be submitted to the Migration and Passport Office around 14-days before from your first day at work.

      How much can you earn in Liechtenstein?

      You can usually earn almost 5,350 CHF per month in Liechtenstein, which is approximately US 5,499.52$. Here, salaries range from 720 CHF to 23,700 CHF.


      What will be the Living cost in Liechtenstein?

      The total living cost of a person, including all the expenses, will be half of your average income.


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