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    Kosovo Work Visa

    Kosovo is a country situated in the southeast of Europe. It is quite a new country, having proclaimed independence in 2008 from Serbia. But still have dozens of opportunities for the foreign workers.

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      Every year, outsiders from multiple countries choose Kosovo for their job destination. We will guide you with everything about Kosovo if you are considering it for your employment. So let's get started. 

      The first thing you will need for work in Kosovo is a Kosovo Work Visa.


      Who needs to get a Kosovo Work Visa?

      The government of Kosovo has allowed several countries a Visa-free entry in Kosovo. The list of these countries is given below:

      •  Albania  
      •  Hungary  
      •  Paraguay
      •  Andorra
      •  Iceland  
      •  Poland
      •  Antigua 
      •  Barbuda  
      •  Ireland  
      •  Portugal
      •  Argentina  
      •  Israel  
      •  Qatar
      •  Australia  
      •  Italy   
      •  Korea
      •  Austria  
      •  Japan   
      •  Romania
      •  Bahamas  
      •  Jordan  
      •  Saint 
      •  Kitts
      •  Nevis
      •  Bahrain  
      •  Kiribati  
      •  Saint Lucia
      •  Barbados  
      •  Kuwait  
      •  Saint 
      •  Vincent
      •  Grenadines
      •  Belgium  
      •  Latvia  
      •  Samoa
      •  Belize  
      •  Lesotho  
      •  San Marino
      •  Botswana  
      •  Liechtenstein  
      •  Sao Tome 
      •  Principe
      •  Brazil  
      •  Lithuania  
      •  Saudi Arabia
      •  Brunei Darussalam   
      •  Luxembourg  
      •  Serbia
      •  Bulgaria  
      •  Macao   
      •  Seychelles
      •  Canada  
      •  Macedonia  
      •  Singapore
      •  Chile   
      •  Malawi  
      •  Slovakia
      •  Colombia  
      •  Malaysia  
      •  Slovenia
      •  Costa Rica  
      •  Maldives  
      •  Solomon Islands
      •  Croatia  
      •  Malta   
      •  South Africa
      •  Cyprus  
      •  Marshall Islands   
      •  Spain
      •  Czech   
      •  Mauritius  
      •  Swaziland
      •  Denmark  
      •  Mexico  
      •  Sweden
      •  Dominica  
      •  Micronesia 
      •  Switzerland
      •  El Salvador  
      •  Monaco  
      •  Taiwan 
      •  Estonia  
      •  Montenegro  
      •  Timor-Leste
      •  Fiji   
      •  Namibia  
      •  Tonga
      •  Finland  
      •  Nauru   
      •  Trinidad 
      •  Tobago
      •  France  
      •  Netherlands
      •  Turkey
      •  Germany  
      •  New Zealand  
      •  Tuvalu
      •  Greece  
      •  Nicaragua  
      •  United Arab Emirates
      •  Grenada  
      •  Norway  
      •  United Kingdom 
      •  Guatemala  
      •  Oman   
      •  United States of America
      •  Holy See  
      •  Palau   
      •  Uruguay
      •  Honduras  
      •  Panama  
      •  Vanuatu
      •  Hong Kong  
      •  Papua New Guinea   
      •  Venezuela 


      If you are a resident of any of the countries mentioned above, then you can visit Kosovo without having a visa and have a stay of up to 90-days under a period of 180-days. But if you are not a resident of any of these countries, then you will have to get an entry visa from the embassy of Kosovo.

      Note that whether you are a resident of these countries or not, you will need a Kosovo Work Visa and a Temporary Residence Visa for living and working in Kosovo. So, if you want to work in Kosovo, then you have to get a Kosovo Work Visa.


      How to get a Kosovo Work Visa?

      If you want to get a Kosovo Work Visa, then you should start the process of your visa application around three-months before traveling to Kosovo. You have to get in contact with the embassy of Kosovo in your country. 

      Once you gather all related documents and fill the application form, you are ready to apply for the visa. After the permit is issued, you can travel to Kosovo and get a visa to live and work in Kosovo.


      Requirements to get Work Visa in Kosovo

      To obtain a Temporary Residence Visa in Kosovo, you will have to provide:

       1. Evidence of insurance and settlement in Kosovo

       2. Proof showing no criminal record from native country


      The following are the requirements to obtain a Kosovo Work Visa.

       1. Temporary Residence Visa 

       2. Document showing professional position and qualifications

       3. Contract with a company in Kosovo

       4. Certificate of company registration for the owner


      You will need the following official documents for the entry Visa of Kosovo:

       1. Correctly completed and signed application form

       2. A passport that must have a validity of at least 6-months 

       3. Passport photo

       4. Medical Insurance document

       5. Bank account statement indicating you have sufficient funds

       6. Evidence showing accommodations in Kosovo

       7. Proof of visa fee payment 


      Note that Kosovo has three official languages Serbian, English, and Albanian. So the required documents must be in one of these languages.


      Can Kosovo Work Visa be renewed?

      Yes, it can be renewed. But, you have to apply for the renewal at least one month before the expiry of the current visa.


      What is the Cost for Kosovo Work Visa?

      The cost varies depending upon your type of work. Usually, it ranges between 490 Euros to 640 Euros.



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