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    Germany Work Visa

    Germany is a territory of opportunities for skilled international workers. It is home to some of the best corporates and companies.

    Table of Contents

      Germany is a country in Europe with one of the largest economies in the world. It is a state of invention and innovation. German workers are recognised for working less but producing more. 

      Every year the low unemployment rate, the numerous worker's benefits, and flexible working hours of Germany attract skilled workers from all over the world. Numerous globally renowned organisations are in Germany and offering countless job opportunities to professional workers.

      The highly reasonable living costs, many future possibilities, and a unique healthcare system have made Germany an ideal place for international workers. If you wish to work in Germany, you need to apply for a Germany Work Visa.


      What is Germany Work Visa?

      The Germany Work Visa allows qualified foreigners to enter Germany for employment purposes. It is a type of Germany Long-Stay Visa(National (D)), and it will enable you to remain in the state for up to two years, with the chance of visa extension. 


      Types of Germany Work Visa

      There are different types of Germany Work Visa (Germany Long-Stay Visa). Some of them are:

      1. Germany Employment Visa

      You need to apply for this type of visa if you have a job offer from the company in Germany 

      2. Germany Self-Employment Visa

      If you want to work as a freelancer or to set up a business in Germany 

      3. Jobseeker

      If you're going to look for a job in Germany.

      4. Working as an Au Pair

      It is for young adults who want to know about the German language and culture.

      5. Working Holiday Visa

      It is for the youth of various countries with a contract of a Working Holiday Visa agreement with Germany.

      6. Working as a Freelancer


      Who does not need a Germany Work Visa?

      If you are from any of the following states, you do not need a visa to enter Germany, and you only need to apply for the residence permit for employment purposes after arriving in Germany.

      • EU/EEA member states 
      • The United States of America
      • Australia
      • Canada
      • Israel
      • Japan
      • New Zealand
      • Switzerland
      • The Republic of Korea

      Note that: All the nationals except the listed above states need to apply for the Germany Work Visa.

      Categories eligible to obtain a Germany Work Visa

      If you are from any of the following categories, you are eligible to obtain a German Employment Visa.

      • Highly qualified workers
      • Researchers with particular technical knowledge
      • Teaching workers in important positions 
      • Scientific workers in eminent positions
      • Intra-corporate agent, especially:
      • Managers
      • Specialists

      Also, you need to fulfil the following conditions:

      1. There is a lack of skilled workers in the concerned profession in Germany.

      2. You have a tangible job offer.

      3. Your education must be acknowledged as similar to a German degree.

      Requirements for the Germany Work Visa

      You must have the following document to obtain a work visa for Germany.

      • Completed Germany Work Visa application form
      • Two passport photos 
      • Valid passport
      • Proof of accommodation in Germany 
      • Health insurance
      • A document that shows your qualification, i.e. diplomas, certificate etc
      • An employment contract (With details of annual salary and type of employment in Germany)
      • A letter that shows approval from the Federal Employment Agency (If any)
      • CV (Curriculum Vitae)
      • Evidence of a clean criminal record from the native state
      • Payment of the visa fee 

      You need the following documents to obtain a German residence permit.

      1. Valid passport

      2. Completed Residence Permit application form

      3. Two photos

      4. Proof of clean criminal record

      5. Proof of German Language

      6. Health Insurance 

      7. Proof of Job Offer


      Cost of the Germany Work Visa

      The cost of the German long-stay visa is approximately €75.

      Processing time for the Germany Work Visa

      The processing time for the Germany visa varies from country to country. But approximately, it will take about 6 to 11 weeks for visa processing.

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