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    France Work Visa

    France is a diverse country in Europe with the strongest and most prosperous economies. It provides an excellent chance of employment to skilled International engineers and technicians.

    Table of Contents

      France is one of the most cultivated countries in the world. It has trendy seaside resorts, fairy-tale castles, and splendid Gothic cathedrals. If you are considering working in Europe, France is the perfect place for you. It is home to magnificent cities, enchanting towns, a variety of attractions and countrysides.  

      How to get a France Work Visa?

      If you want to work in France, you need to apply for a France Work Visa. It is a type of France long-stay work visa, and it will allow you to enter the state for employment purposes for a stay of more than three months or up to a year. There are different types of France long-stay work visa and are specific requirements and eligibility conditions for each of these work visas. To work in France legally, you also need to apply for a residence permit and a work permit in almost every case. 


      Categories of France Work Visa 

      Some of the categories of France Work Visa are as follow.

      1. French Salaried Employees Visa

      It is for those who want to work in France for up to a year. To apply for this type of work visa, you need a work contract adequately approved by the Direccte.

      2. French Work Visa for establishing and operating a company or business 

      If you want to set up a business or company in France, you need to apply for this type of work visa, whether this will be your private business or in cooperation with another company. In that case, you also need various extra documents than generally required.

      3. French Work Visa for professionals and autonomous workers

      In France, there are some professions which are not allowed to any Non-EU national such as officials, notaries, insurance general agents, and judicial administrators etc. In some professions, you will need authorization from the concerned professional body, and it includes doctors, lawyers, and architects etc. Before applying for this type of work visa, you need to check what you will need to involve in your profession in France.

      4. French long-stay sports visa

      If you are a sportsman/sportswoman and you want to enter and stay in France to participate in sports activities for up to a year, you need to apply for this type of work visa. If you get a salary for the activity, you need to apply as a "salaried employee". In case you do not get a salary, then you need to apply as a visitor, and the sports club or institution needs to sponsor your stay in France.

      5. French long-stay visa for volunteer work

      This type of work visa is for those who want to be involved in any humanitarian activity in France for up to a year or more than three months. To obtain this visa, you need to begin the visa application process through a French Foundation or Association authorized by the French authorities.

      6. French International Organization work visa

      If you are getting an official duty in France with an international organization, you will need to apply for this type of work visa.

      Requirements for the France Work Visa

      You must have the following documents to obtain a work visa for France.

      • Completed French Work Visa application form
      • Two passport size photos
      • Valid passport
      • Proof of enough financial means
      • Employment contract 
      • A letter of declaration from a sponsor (If any)
      • A certificate that shows no criminal record 
      • Proof of payment of the French work visa fee

      Some additional documents for "salaried employees" visa

      • Completed OFII form
      • Work contract
      • Police clearance certificate

      Some other documents for a French work visa for establishing and operating a company or business

      • Evidence that shows financial resources
      • French tax clearance by the French Inland Revenue (if applicable)
      • Certificate of guarantee by a registered bank or insurance company in France 
      • Certificate of registration from the French Company 

      Requirements for French professionals and autonomous workers

      • Evidence of financial resources 
      • Proof of your professional situation, i.e. degrees, CV, employment certificates
      • Statutory declaration
      • Police certificate
      • OFII form
      • Work contract

      Requirements for "Volunteer Workers Visa"

      • Evidence of financial resources
      • Statutory declaration
      • Voluntary work contract
      • Police certificate
      • Registration with the French authorities

      Requirements for the French International Organization visa

      • An official third party letter by the International Organization and approved by the Protocol Office of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Note Verbale)
      • Book an appointment (You can reserve an appointment online; otherwise you need to go to the nearest France embassy or consulate to book an appointment)


      Cost of the France Work Visa

      The cost of the France long-stay Work Visa varies from country to county. But usually, it costs about EUR 99.


      Processing time of the France Work Visa

      The processing time for the France Work Visa depends on the location of the France embassy or consulate where you apply for the visa.

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