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    Cyprus Work Visa

    Cyprus is one of the fastest-growing economies in Europe, offers a peaceful way of living and a remarkably safe environment for working.

    Table of Contents

      Cyprus is a small island, full of dazzling beaches, shimmering blue seas, and alluring landscapes. Every year, the pleasantly warm climate and the unusual cultural background of Cyprus attracts international workers from all over the world.

      Living and working in Cyprus has a wide range of benefits. Here, you will enjoy a peaceful working environment. Cyprus is one of the lowest tax rates in the European Union. Working in Cyprus will provide you with a chance to experience something new, exciting and exciting.

      In Cyprus, the regularity and devotion to company rules are highly appreciated. If you are wondering about Cyprus as your workplace, we will guide you with everything about Working in Cyprus.

      How to get a Cyprus Work Visa?

      A Cyprus Work Visa is a type of Long Stay Visa which allows you to enter Cyprus for employment purposes. The nationals of various states do not need a work visa to enter Cyprus for employment. 

      1. For EU/EFTA nationals

      If you are from any EU/EFTA country, you do not need a visa or a work permit to work and live in Cyprus. 

      2. For Non-EU/EFTA nationals

      If you are a Non-EU/EFTA national and if you want to work in Cyprus, you will need to apply for a Cyprus Work Visa to enter the state for employment purposes. Before applying for a work visa, you must have a job in Cyprus.

      After getting a job in Cyprus, your employer needs to apply for a work permit at the Migration Department in Cyprus on your behalf. It is an authorization to work in Cyprus and one of the required documents for your work visa application process. It will take around 4 to 6 weeks for work permit processing. After obtaining a Cyprus Work permit, you can apply for a Cyprus Work Visa. 

      After arrival in Cyprus, you need to apply for a Cyprus Residence Permit within seven days, if you want to remain in the country for more than 90 days. A Cyprus work residence permit is valid for up to 4 years, and you can also renew it at least one month before its expiry date.


      What will be the requirements for a Cyprus Work Permit?

      You need to send the following documents to your employer to get the Cyprus Work Permit.

      1. Completed Cyprus Work Permit Application Form

      2. Your valid passport or travel document

      3. Your original employment contract

      4. Police clearance certificate

      5. Medical certificate

      6. Proof of health insurance

      7. Payment of the Cyprus work permit fee


      What will be the requirements for a Cyprus Work Visa?

      You need the following documents to obtain a Cyprus Work Visa.

      1. Your valid passport or travel documents

      2. Completed Cyprus Work Visa Application Form

      3. Certificate of medical clearance

      4. Certificate of police clearance

      5. Proof that shows sufficient financial means

      6. Travel health insurance

      7. Employment contract

      8. Proof of accommodation in Cyprus


      What will be the processing time for a Cyprus Work Visa?

      It will take from 5 to 10 working days for visa processing.


      What will be the cost of a Cyprus Work Visa?

      The cost of a work visa and a work permit varies from country to country.

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