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    Croatia Work Visa

    Croatia is a state in Southeast Europe, well-known for the Adriatic sea and pleasant weather.

    Table of Contents

      It is full of incredible beaches, breathtaking islands, fresh seafood, sparkling nightlife, astonishing historical sites and impressive landmarks. Moreover, it is one of the best tourist destinations. Every year millions of tourists choose to visit Croatia, due to its rich historical and cultural heritage. 

      Croatia provides a lot of employment opportunities for international workers. If you want to work in Croatia, we will guide you with everything about a Croatia Work Visa.


      Who do not needs a Croatia Work Visa?

      As you may already know, Croatia is one of the member states of the European Union; therefore, the visa policy of Croatian is mostly similar to that of other EU member states. It allows nationals of various countries to enter Croatia without a work visa. Usually, it depends on your nationality, whether you need a visa to work in Croatia or not.

      For EU/EEA/Swiss nationals:

      If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA/Swiss state, you do not need a Croatia Work Visa or a residence permit to work in Croatia. You are allowed to enter, live, work and study in the state without a visa because of the EU Right of Free Movement. But if the duration of your stay in the country is more than 90-days, you need to register your residence at the local police department in Croatia.

      For Non-EU/EEA/Swiss nationals:

      If you are a citizen of a Non-EU/EEA/Swiss state, you need to apply for a work visa if you want to enter Croatia for employment purposes.

      How to get a Croatia Work Visa?

      Nationals except the EU/EEA/Swiss nationals, need to apply for a Croatia Work Visa to work in Croatia. It is a type of Croatia long-stay visa, and it will allow you to remain in the state for longer than 90 days for employment purposes.

      Before applying for a Croatia Work Visa, you must have a work permit, which your employer in Croatia has to obtain for you. After receiving a work permit, you can then apply for a Croatia Work Visa.

      After you arrive in Croatia, you also need to apply for a residence permit at a local police department if you want to stay longer than 90 days. You cannot apply for a residence permit if you enter the country with a short-stay visa.

      Note that you are not eligible to get a residence permit in Croatia if you do not have a valid work permit.


      Requirements for a Croatia Work Visa

      You need the following documents to apply for a Croatia Work Visa.

      1. Completed Croatia Work Visa Application Form

      2. Valid passport

      3. Passport size photo

      4. Proof of health insurance

      5. Copy of an employment contract

      6. Proof of accommodation in Croatia

      7. A bank statement stating enough financial means

      8. Copy of registration of the company of your employer in Croatia 

      9. Work permit

      10. Documents that show qualifications, educational background, and skills


      Processing time for a Croatia Work Visa

      The processing time of a Croatia Work Visa depends on various factors such as the Croatia Embassy where you apply for a visa. Usually, it will take about four weeks for visa processing.


      Cost of a Croatia Work Visa

      The cost of a Croatia Work Visa varies from country to country.

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