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    Belarus Work Visa

    In Belarus, the number of foreign workers is gradually increasing due to the rapid growth of business and production in the state. Every year Belarus welcomes many qualified international workers.

    Table of Contents

      Belarus is a state in Eastern Europe with beautiful sights and clean roads. It must be tough to find waste on Belarusian streets. It is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rates. Due to this fact, everyone wants to work in Belarus.

      We will guide you with everything about Belarus if you are considering it as your workplace. The first thing you need is to get a Belarus Work Visa before starting your employment in Belarus. 


      Types of Belarus Work Visa

      If you want to enter in Belarus for employment purposes, you need to apply for a  Belarus Work Visa. There are different types of Belarus Work Visa.

      1. Short-term Visa

      • It is for short stays to attend business meetings and conferences.
      • It is valid for up to 90-days.

      2.  Long-term Visa

      • If you need to stay for the long-term in Belarus for your job, then you need a Long-Term Visa.
      • It is valid for up to 1 year.

      Note that before applying for a work visa, you must have a work permit which your employer in Belarus needs to apply on your behalf. 


      Requirements to get Belarus Work Visa

      To get a Belarus Work Visa, you will need to submit the following documents:

      1. Completed Belarus Work Visa application form

      2. Passport-sized photos 

      3. Passport with validity for at least 90-days 

      4. Medical Insurance certificate

      5. Verified copy of the applicant's work visa

      6. Evidence of payment for the visa fee

      7. Proof of accommodation in Belarus

      8. A bank statement stating enough financial means


      Note that if you are below 28, then you will need to provide a copy of your birth certificate along with a copy of your parent's birth certificates, and if you have any citizenship of Belarus in the past, then provide documents that show your loss of citizenship of Belarus.


      Who does not need Belarus Work Visa to work in Belarus?

      Belarus has an agreement with some countries that allow the nationals of these countries to work in Belarus without a work visa. Citizens of countries mentioned below can work in Belarus without any work visa.

      • Russia
      • Kyrgyzstan
      • Kazakhstan 


      What will be the processing time of a Belarus Work Permit?

      The processing time for a work permit is almost 15-days. When your work permit has been approved, you can apply for a work visa to enter Belarus.


      What will be the validity of the Belarus Work Permit?

      A work permit in Belarus is usually issued for one year. But, if you are an extremely certified worker, then you will receive a permit with a validity of two-years.


      Who begins the Belarus Work Visa process?

      The company where you got the job has to begin the application process of a work visa by applying for a work permit in Belarus on your behalf. They have to submit the completed application with a copy of your passport and evidence of payment of processing fee to the Department of Internal Affairs. Once the work permit application is approved, you can then apply for a work visa at the nearest embassy in your native state.


      Is it possible to Work in Belarus with Belarus Study Visa? 

      According to the law of Belarusian, it is illegal to work for outsider students with Belarus Study Visa.


      What will be the total cost of living in Belarus?

      The cost of living in Belarus will be $ 305.01 per month for a person without including the rent of accommodation.


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