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    Austria Work Visa

    It is a land of opportunities for skilled workers who want to live a pleasant and high standard lifestyle.

    Table of Contents

      Austria is a fascinating country for researchers to work. It is a mountainous country and a terrific place to live and work. Here, legislation about residency and permission to work is quite strict. We will guide you with everything about Austria if you are considering it as your workplace.


      Who needs an Austria Work Visa?

      Not every International worker needs a visa to enter Austria. So, before planning to work in Austria, the first thing you need is to check whether you need a visa to enter Austria or not. Usually, it depends on your nationality. 

      1. For EU/EEA nationals:

      If you are from any EU/EEA state, you do not need a visa to enter Austria, and you are allowed to stay and work for up to three months without the need of any permits.

      But if you want to remain in the state for more than three months, you will need to apply for a Registration Certificate. If you do not secure this, you will be charged a penalty fee of 200 EUR. The following documents you need to obtain a Registration Certificate.

      1. Valid Passport or Personal ID

      2. Confirmation from your employer

      3. Prove that shows you have enough means for living in Austria

      4. Proof of admission from your Institution

      2. For Non-EU/EEA nationals:

      If you are from any Non-EU/EEA state, you must apply at the nearest Austrian embassy for a visa to enter Austria. As you may already know, Austria is one of the Schengen area countries of Europe, so you need to get a Schengen visa according to the purpose of the visit. 

      Besides, Austria uses a points-based system. It determines in which category you belong to. It helps to determine what type of visa you need. The categories include:

      1. Very Highly Qualified Workers

      2. Skilled Workers in Shortage Occupations

      3. Other Key Workers

      4. Graduates of universities in Austria

      5. Self-employed Key Worker

      6. Start-up Founders


      Types of Austria Work Visa

      There are various types of Austria Work Visas depending on your situation.

      1. Red-White-Red Card: 

      To stay longer than six months, you will need a residence permit to stay in Austria. The best way to obtain Permanent Residence in Austria is to apply for a Red-White-Red Card.

      It is issued for 24-months, and it allows you to live in the state and work with a specified employer. You need to fall into one of the categories mentioned above if you want to get a Red-White-Red Card. It will cost you about 120 EUR to get a Red-White-Red Card.

      2. Six-Month Residence Visa

      It is for those who want to move to Austria to find a job for a temporary basis.

      3. Job Seeker Visa

      Only Highly Qualified Workers are eligible to avail this visa.

      4. EU Blue Card

      It is a substitute for the Red-White-Red Card. It allows you equal work freedom as an Austrian citizen.

      5. Business visa

      You can apply for this visa if you want to visit Austria for business meetings for up to six months. 

      Note that if you are any Non-EU/EEA citizen, you will also need to apply for a work permit.


      How to get an Austrian Work Permit?

      If you are a Non-EU/EEA national, there are three ways for you to get a work permit in Austria. 

      • A Restricted Work Permit: It will last for a year 
      • A Work Permit: It will last two years
      • An Unrestricted Work Permit: It will for five years

      Note that you can only get a work permit in the sequence given above; you can not directly apply for the five-year permit. Every permit remains to act as a level of evidence that you are in employment and have enough funds to support yourself.

      The employer has to apply for a work permit on your behalf and submit the application of work permit at the Austrian Public Employment Service. The authorization process will typically take around seven weeks.

      After approval of a work permit, you can apply for an Austria Work Visa from your native country. Also, you will need to obtain a separate residency permit as an Austria work permit does not cover residency. To get a temporary residence permit, you must have a:

      • Work permit
      • Statement of salary 
      • Letter from the employer 


      What will be the requirements to get an Austria Work Visa?

      Requirements to get an Austria Work Visa depends on the type of work visa, if you are a highly qualified worker, you will need the following documents.

      1. Valid Passport

      2. Birth Certificate

      3. Passport-size Photo 

      4. Proof that shows accommodation in Austria

      5. Health Insurance documents

      6. Proof of enough financial means

      7. Biometric data

      And the points-based system requires:

      1. Awards and prizes

      2. Work and Testimonials diplomas

      3. Higher education degree

      4. The gross annual wage for a superior management position

      5. Research and innovation efforts

      6. Language expertise

      Note that if you are from any EU/EEA country, you do not need a visa. You are allowed to stay as long as you have a registration certificate and enough financial means of staying in the state. In Austria, after five years of living, anyone can apply for a long-term residence certificate.


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