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    The United Kingdom is an exceptional place to visit with a plethora of unusual things to explore.

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      When you think of a miraculous destination to visit, the United Kingdom is always on top. It is a land of classical attractions, eye-opening coastal sceneries, top-class restaurants, and universal music festivals.

      The United Kingdom has some of the superior scenery in the world. Every year millions of International citizens choose the UK to visit. If you want to visit the UK, the first thing you need is to check whether you need a visit visa for the UK or not.


      Who needs a UK Visit Visa?

      If you are from any of the following countries, you will need to obtain a visit visa for the UK.

      Afghanistan Georgia Pakistan
      Albania Ghana Peru
      Algeria Guinea Palestinian Authority
      Angola Guinea Bissau Philippines
      Armenia Guyana Qatar
      Azerbaijan Haiti Russia
      Bahrain India Rwanda
      Bangladesh Indonesia Sao Tome & Principe
      Belarus Iran Saudi Arabia
      Benin Iraq Senegal
      Bhutan Ivory Coast Serbia
      Bolivia Jamaica Sierra Leone
      Bosnia-Herzegovina Jordan Somalia
      Burkina Faso Kazakhstan South Africa
      Myanmar Kenya Sri Lanka
      Burundi Korea (Dem. People’s Rep) Sudan
      Cambodia Kosovo Surinam
      Cameroon Kuwait Swaziland
      Cape Verde Kyrgyzstan Syria
      The central African Republic Laos Tajikistan
      Chad Lebanon Tanzania
      China, People’s Rep.of Lesotho Thailand
      Colombia Liberia Togo
      Comoros Libya Tunisia
      Congo, the Democratic Republic of North Macedonia Turkey
      Congo, Republic of Madagascar Turkmenistan
      Cuba Malawi Uganda
      Cyprus, the northern part of Mali Ukraine
      Djibouti Mauritania United Arab Emirates
      Dominican Republic Moldova Uzbekistan
      Ecuador Mongolia Vatican City (service & emergency passports only)
      Egypt Montenegro Venezuela
      Equatorial Guinea Morocco Vietnam
      Eritrea Mozambique Yemen
      Ethiopia Nepal Zambia
      Fiji Niger Zimbabwe
      Gabon Nigeria  
      The Gambia Oman

      Note that if you are from any of the EEA/Swiss/Commonwealth countries, you do not need a visit visa for the UK.


      How to get a UK Visit Visa?

      If you want to visit the UK, all you need is to have a UK Visit Visa (Standard Visitor Visa or UK Visitor Visa). It is a type of a UK Short-Stay Visa. It will allow you to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. You can also get a visa for a shorter period.

      Usually, it is for medical treatment, tourism, to visit relatives, to attend a business meeting, or to attend any sports event. You have to apply for a UK Visit Visa at least 30 days before your arrival plan.


      What will be the required documents for a UK Visit Visa?

      You will need the following documents, to get a UK Visit Visa or UK Standard Visitor Visa.

      1. Completed UK Visit Visa application form

      2. Two Passport-size photos

      3. Valid Passport 

      4. Proof that shows enough financial means 

      5. Proof of accommodation in the UK

      6. Travel itinerary

      7. Letter of invitation 

      8. UK visa fees payment

      9. Criminal record

      10. A letter that shows your medical state (If you visit the UK for medical treatment)

      11. A formal letter from your employer in the native country (If you an employee)

      12. Academic certificates (If you are a student)

      Note that all the required documents must be in either English or Welsh language.


      What will be the processing time of a UK Visit Visa?

      It will take around eight weeks for visa processing.


      Is a UK Visit Visa extendable? 

      In the following cases, it can be extendable for an additional six months. 

      • If you are going for a Plab examination
      • After passing the Plab examination, you want to hold a clinical duty.
      • If you are on medical treatment
      • If you are on a research project, the amount of extension and the initial visa period shouldn’t be more than 12 months.


      What will be the cost of a UK Visit Visa?

      The cost of a UK Visit Visa is quite affordable as compared to many other countries. Usually, it will cost you about £89. If you are applying for an extension, it will cost you around £993.


      Top 6 Places to visit in the UK

      The following are the most visited places in the UK.

      1. The all in one destination in the UK is London.

      2. Edinburgh

      3. Roman-Era Bath

      4. Ancient Stonehenge and Medieval Salisbury

      5. Wonderful Windsor

      6. The Cotswolds and Lake District


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