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    If you are looking for a lot of attractiveness in one place, Serbia is the right place for you.

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      Serbia is a mountainous country with numerous natural characteristics. Carpathian and Balkan Mountains with attractive peaks is one of the most impressive ranges of mountains in Serbia. It is one of the cheapest destinations in the Balkan Mountain Ranges.

      The capital city of Serbia is Belgrade, and it is absolutely a beautiful city that has so much to offer. It is always growing, and you always find something new here. It is a safe place with kind and helpful people. 

      Serbia has something for everyone, an abundance of cultural and historical artifacts to enjoy, a flourishing cafe with throbbing nightlife, and probably some of the best music festivals worldwide. Gradually, it is becoming a popular destination of visitors as every year it attracts millions of visitors. 

      If you want to visit Serbia, the first thing you have to check is whether you need a Serbia Visit Visa or not.

      Who does not need a Serbia Visit Visa?

      As you may already know, Serbia is a European country. It is neither in the European Union nor in the Schengen Area. But, its visa policy is the same as the Schengen Area. Therefore, if you are from any of the following countries, you can enter Serbia without a visa. The duration of the stay depends on nationality, but usually, it ranges from 14-90 days.  

      With a stay of 90-days within any 180-days

      •  All European Union citizens
      •  Albania
      •  Andorra
      •  Antigua and Barbuda
      •  Argentina
      •  Armenia
      •  Australia
      •  Azerbaijan
      •  Bahrain
      •  Bolivia
      •  Bosnia and Herzegovina
      •  Brazil
      •  Canada
      •  Chile
      •  Costa Rica
      •  Cuba
      •  Dominica
      •  Georgia
      •  Grenada
      •  Holy See
      •  Iceland
      •  Israel
      •  Japan
      •  Kuwait
      •  Kyrgyzstan
      •  Liechtenstein
      •  Macau
      •  Mexico
      •  Moldova
      •  Monaco
      •  Mongolia
      •  Montenegro
      •  New Zealand
      •  North Macedonia
      •  Norway
      •  Oman
      •  Palau
      •  Peru
      •  Qatar
      •  Saint Kitts and Nevis
      •  San Marino
      •  Seychelles
      •  Singapore
      •  South Korea
      •  Switzerland
      •  Trinidad and Tobago
      •  Tunisia
      •  Turkey
      •  United Arab Emirates
      •  United Kingdom
      •  United States
      •  Uruguay

      With a stay of 30-days

      •  Belarus
      •  China
      •  Kazakhstan
      •  Russia
      •  Suriname

      With a stay of 30-days within 60-day

      • Ukraine

      With a stay of 30 days within a year

      •  Bahamas
      •  Barbados
      •  Burundi
      •  Colombia
      •  Guinea-Bissau
      •  India
      •  Indonesia
      •  Paraguay
      •  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

      With a stay of 14-days

      •  Hong Kong 

      Please note that if you are not the resident of any country listed above, you have to apply for a visa to visit Serbia.


      How to get a Serbia Visit Visa?

      To visit Serbia, you will need to obtain a Serbia Visit Visa. Usually, a Short-Stay Visa (type C) is issued for one, two, or multiple entries into Serbia for visitors. It will allow you to stay for up to 90-days within a period of 180-days. Serbia is not a signer of the Schengen Agreement, but it will enable the holders of Schengen visa to enter the state without the need to apply for an additional visa.

      Note that the Visa policy of Serbia is similar to the visa policy of the Schengen Area.

      What will be the Processing time of a Serbia Visit Visa?

      It will take at least a month for visa processing.


      What will be the cost of a Serbia Visit Visa?

      To visit Serbia is less costly than many other European countries. It will cost you only €44 to visit Serbia.

      What will be the Requirements for Serbia Visit Visa?

      To obtain a visit visa for Serbia, you will need to have the following documents.

      1. Invitation letter approved by the related authority of Serbia(For a private visit)

      2. Invitation letter from a company in Serbia(For a business visit)

      3. Evidence that shows payment for the trip approved by a travel agency (For a tourist trip)

      • Photo(3.5x4.5cm)
      • Return ticket 
      • A document that shows sufficient funds 
      • Health Insurance documents
      • Visa fee payment 


      Top 7 worth visited places in Serbia

      The best places to visit in Serbia are as follow:

      1. Belgrade. St Sava Temple

      2. Novi Sad. Name of Mary Church

      3. Fruška Gora National Park

      4. Sremski Karlovci

      5. Subotica

      6. Oplenac & Aleksandrovic Winery

      7. Ovčar-Kablar Gorge

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