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    Poland Visit Visa

    Poland is the 9th largest country with astonishing sights, amazing ornate churches, and some of the quaint towns in the world.

    Table of Contents

      Poland is a Central European country. It is a land of one of the most beautiful town squares and old buildings in Europe, every year a lot of people choose Poland to visit, to explore its riveting history. It offers an enormous variety of fascinating places to visit as its massive size.

      Poland is an ideal spot to visit for a skiing trip or a quiet beach escape. From its unique town squares and appealing architecture to beautiful beaches and alluring mountains, you can experience too many different things in one land.

      If you are considering Poland to visit, we will guide you with everything about getting a visit visa for Poland.


      Who does not need a Poland Visit Visa?

      As you may already know. Poland is one of the twenty-six Schengen Area countries. The visa policy of Schengen Area countries allows nationals of certain countries to enter the state without a visa for up to 90-days within six months. So, it depends on your nationality, whether you need a visa to enter Poland or not.

      1. For EU/EEA nationals:

      All the residents who belong to any EU/EEA state, are allowed to enter Poland for up to 90-days within six-month without a visa. So, if you are an EU/EEA national, you do not need a visa to enter Poland. 

      2. For Non-EU/EEA nationals:

      All the citizens of any third country or Non-EU/EEA state have to apply for a visa to enter Poland.


      How to get a Poland Visit Visa?

      If you are from any Non-EU/EEA country, you need to apply for a Schengen Visa/Short Term Visa (Type C Visa) to enter Poland for a visit purpose. It will allow you to stay in the state for up to 90-days within six-month. It will also allow you to enter any Schengen country within its validity period. It is usually for tourism, to visit relatives or friends, to attend a business meeting, or to participate in any sports events.


      What will be the required documents for a Poland Visit Visa?

      You need to have the following documents to get a visit visa for Poland.

      1. A completed and signed Poland Visit Visa Application Form

      2. A Valid Passport or travel document

      3. Passport size photo

      4. Health insurance

      5. Return ticket

      6. A letter stating the purpose of visit

      7. A Document that shows enough financial funds

      8. The Criminal record report from the native country

      9. Proof of accommodation in Poland (i.e., Hotel booking)

      10. The Health insurance document


      What will be the cost of a Poland Visit Visa?

      The cost of a visit visa for Poland will be about 80 EUR.


      What will be the processing time for a Poland Visit Visa?

      It will take at least 10-14 days for visa processing.


      Is it expensive to visit Poland?

      Poland is quite affordable to visit and it is the only state in Europe with less costly food. During your visit, you can expect to spend about zł1,837 for one person in one week.


      The 7 Most Visited Attractions in Poland

      Poland is full of breathtaking sights and has a lot to offer. Some of the top-visited spots of Poland are as follow:

      1. Krakow

      2. Warsaw

      3. Tatra Mountains

      4. Wroclaw

      5. Bialowieza Forest Reserve

      6. Bieszczady Mountains

      7. Ojcow

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