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    Macedonia is a small country and is one of the most captivating places in the world. It is also referred to as North Macedonia.

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      Visitors usually fall in love with the tiny heavenly villages of Macedonia. It has everything that makes it a place worth visiting. The people of Macedonia are typically helpful, and the food here is tremendous. It has the deepest underwater cave in the world.

      Macedonia's economy depends massively on tourism, and each year, the country welcomes nearly a million visitors. The most frequently visited area of the country is Lake Ohrid due to its immense beauty.

      Macedonia has only two airports. Before you visit Macedonia, it is crucial to know how to visit Macedonia legally and how to get a Macedonia Visit Visa.


      How to get a Macedonia Visit Visa?

      To visit Macedonia, you need to ensure that you have all the required documents to cross the border of Macedonia. You will be happy to know that Macedonia has a quite flexible visa policy and almost similar to the Schengen Area visa policy. 

      In recent times, some states were added for the allowed period of stay that ranges from 30-90 days.

      As you may already know, it is not part of the EU (European Union) or the Schengen area. But if you are from any European country, you can visit Macedonia only with your passport. However, if you are from outside Europe, you have to need a visa according to your nationality.


      For EU Citizens

      If you are from any European country or the country which is a part of the Schengen Agreement, then you can visit Macedonia without a visa and stay there up to a total of 90-days within a period of 6-months. 

      Documents required for EU citizens:

       1. Valid travel document i.e., passport or Identity card

       2. Travel Insurance Document

       3. Bank Statement that shows enough financial funds 

       4. Travel purpose document

      Note that if you have an EU resident card, you can visit Macedonia visa-free for up to 15-days each time you enter the country. 

      However, a visa is required for a stay more than 15-days, and the total visits must be below 90-days within a period of 6-months. If you have a valid Schengen Visa "C," you can visit Macedonia for up to 15-days.


      For USA Citizens

      If you are from the USA (United States of America), you do not need a visa to visit Macedonia. However, the total number of days in your visit should not be more than 90-days within a period of 6-months.

      Required Documents for USA citizens:

      1. Valid US passport

      2. Travel Medical Insurance

      3. Bank Statement that shows enough financial funds 

       You can also fill our Assessment Form of Macedonia Visit Visa.

      For other Citizens

      If you belong to the following countries, then you need a Macedonia Visit Visa to enter Macedonia.

      • Moldova
      • Egypt 
      • Armenia
      • India
      • Indonesia 
      • Iraq
      • Iran
      • Jordan
      • Qatar
      • China
      • Colombia
      • Maldives 
      • Kuwait 
      • Nepal
      • Oman
      • Tunisia


      If you are from any of the countries listed below, you can visit Macedonia without a visa, but the stay should be less than 90-days.

      • Argentina
      • Albania
      • Australia
      • Azerbaijan
      • Botswana
      • Bosnia
      • Herzegovina
      • Brazil
      • Cuba
      • Israel
      • Japan
      • Kazakhstan
      • Canada
      • Costa Rica
      • Chile
      • Malta 
      • Monaco
      • Mexico
      • United Arab Emirates
      • Ukraine
      • Turkey
      • Russia
      • Peru
      • Serbia
      • Uruguay
      • New Zealand 
      • Kosovo
      • Peru
      • Panama
      • Montenegro 
      • Venezuela 


      Note that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Macedonia provides all the information whether you need a visa or not. 


      Key Points

      Things you should know before you plan to visit Macedonia.

      • When you reach Macedonia, you must register with the local police within 24 hours; otherwise, you have to pay fine when leaving the country. The fine varies from 600 to 1000 euros.
      • If you have more than one passport, you have to use the same passport when entering/exiting Macedonia.
      • If you have a UN travel document, then you do not need to have a visa to enter Macedonia. 


      Top 7 Worth visiting places in Macedonia

      The following are the worth visiting places in Macedonia.

      1. Lake Ohrid

      2. Ohrid

      3. Skopje

      4. Galicica National Park

      5. Bitola

      6. Pelister National Park

      7. Tikves Wine Region


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