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    Moldova Visit Visa

    Moldova is one of the least visited and most boring states in Europe. It is not excessively visited, but still worth a visit.

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      About 90% of Moldova’s population is Christian, and Romanian is the native language of approximately 80.2% of residents. Chisinau is the capital city of Moldova, where most visitors go when visiting the country.

      If you are considering Moldova as your destination, then the first thing you need to have a Moldova Visit Visa.


      Who Does Not Need a Moldova Visit Visa?

      If you are from any of the following states then you do not need a Moldova Visit Visa to visit Moldova for a period of stay until 90 days throughout 6-months from the day of your first visit:

      CIS member countries

      • Armenia
      • Azerbaijan
      • Belarus
      • Georgia
      • Kazakhstan
      • Kyrgyzstan
      • Russia
      • Tajikistan
      • Ukraine 
      • Uzbekistan

      Note that if you are the holder of the UN Laissez-Passer Passports issued by the UN, then you do not need to have a visa for the entry and exit from Moldova.

      Member countries of the European Union

      • Austria
      • Belgium 
      • Bulgaria 
      • Czech 
      • Cyprus 
      • Denmark
      • Estonia 
      • Finland
      • France
      • Germany
      • Spain
      • Sweden
      • Canada
      • Japan
      • Iceland
      • Norway
      • Swiss Confederation
      • USA
      • Greece 
      • Ireland
      • Italy
      • Latvia
      • Lithuania
      • Luxembourg
      • Malta 
      • Britain
      • Holland
      • Hungary
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • România 
      • Slovenia
      • Slovakia 

      If you are a holder of Diplomatic Passport and a citizen of the following country, you also do not need a Moldova Visit Visa to visit Moldova for the period of 90-days within 6-months.

      • Montenegro 
      • Serbia
      • Turkey
      • Turkmenistan 
      • Vietnam 
      • Albania
      • China
      • Croatia
      • Bosnia & Herzegovina 
      • Iran 
      • Israel


      Note that if your country is not on the list of the above countries, you can visit Moldova only if you have a valid Moldova Visit Visa.

      How to get a Moldova Visit Visa?

      The Republic of Moldova issues different types of visas. To visit Moldova, you will need a short-stay visa (type C), which allows you to enter into Moldova for a specific period. 

      It will enable you to stay in Moldova legally, but the total stay must be less than 90-days with a validity of 180-days.


      Documents required for Moldova Visit Visa

      The following documents you will need to get a Visit visa for Moldova.

      1. Completed Application Form 
      2. Valid Passport
      3. Passport-size color photo
      4. Proof of accommodation in Moldova
      5. Medical Insurance 
      6. A bank statement that shows the existence of means during the stay in Moldova 

      Note that you can also fill our Assessment form. Click Here Moldova Visit Visa Form to begin the process.


      What will be the Cost of Moldova Visit Visa?

      It will cost approximately €80. 


      Is Moldova safe to Visit?

      Moldova is quite safe, and outsiders hardly report events of threatening crime.

      Is Moldova cheap to visit?

      It is one of the most reasonable European countries. In Moldova, things are very cheap as one Moldovan Lei equals 0.05 Euro, and most of the meals in different restaurants are under 10 €, which is unbelievably low for European standards.


      Top 13 Must-Visit Places in Moldova

      The following are the most prominent spots to visit in Moldova.

      1. Tipova Monastery

      2. Chisinau

      3. Cricova Winery

      4. Orheiul Vechi

      5. Saharna

      6. Manastirea Curchi

      7. Gagauzia

      8. Pădurea Domnească Natural Reservation

      9. Codru National Reservation

      10. Taul Park and Pommer Manor

      11. Capriana Monastery

      12. Soroca

      13. Kvint Factory


      Do you want to work in Moldova? Click Here Moldova Work Visa to know how to get Moldova Work Visa.

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