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    Liberia Tourist Visa

    Liberia is a country in West Africa globally known for its astonishing resorts, surfable white sand beaches, historical sites, lush greenery, deserted islands, and thrilling wildlife.

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      Liberia is fantastic and a vacation Paradise. The people of Liberia are lively, friendly, and welcoming. Its colourful culture, delicious and spicy food attracts visitors from all over the world. If you want to visit Liberia, the first thing you need to check is whether you need a Liberia visa or not. 

      Who does not need a Liberia visa?

      Everyone needs to apply for a visa to visit Liberia except the citizens of the following states.

      • Benin
      • Burkina Faso
      • Cape Verde
      • Côte d’Ivoire
      • The Gambia
      • Ghana
      • Guinea
      • Guinea-Bissau
      • Mali
      • Niger
      • Nigeria
      • Senegal
      • Sierra Leone
      • Togo

      Also, if you are a holder of a diplomatic or service passport from any of the following countries, you do not require a visa for Liberia:

      • China
      • Kuwait (Only diplomatic passport holders)
      • South Africa
      • Turkey (Only diplomatic passport holders )
      • Vietnam


      How to get a Liberia Tourist Visa?

      To visit Liberia, all the nationals who are not from any visa exemption states need to apply for a Liberia Tourist Visa. It will allow you to enter the country for a short stay visit; for tourism or other non-business related purposes. You need to apply for a visa at least two weeks before your arrival in Liberia. 


      Requirements for a Liberia Tourist Visa

      You must have the following documents to get a Liberia Tourist Visa.

      1. Completed Liberia Tourist Visa Application Form

      2. Valid passport 

      3. Two passport size photos

      4. Flight itinerary 

      5. Proof of accommodation in Liberia

      6. Payment of a visa fee

      7. A bank statement stating enough financial means

      8. A letter stating the Purpose of visit

      9. A Medical Insurance

      10. An international Certificate of Yellow fever


      Processing time for a Liberia Tourist Visa

      It will cost about 5-7 working days for Liberia visa processing.

      Cost of a Liberia Tourist Visa

      • For a single entry visa with a stay of up to 3 months will cost up to 75 € to 125 €.
      • Multiple entries with a stay of about one year it will cost from 150 € to 200 €.
      • Multiple entries visa with a stay of up to 2 years will be 300 € to 350 €.


      Who can get a Liberia Visa On Arrival?

      You are eligible to get a Liberia Visa On Arrival only if you are a citizen of Taiwan. To apply for a Liberia Visa On Arrival, you need to send a letter requesting the Visa On Arrival to the Liberia Immigration Service Commissioner-General. A letter should state the following information.

      • Your passport number
      • The reason for your visit to Liberia
      • The date of your visit
      • Name of the port of entry 
      • Flight itinerary
      • Proof of accommodation in Liberia
      • Your name and nationality

      Note that the request for the Visa On Arrival Approval Letter is processed within two working days.


      Documents required for a Liberia Visa On Arrival

      You will be notified of your Visa On Arrival approval letter via email. After you receive the Liberia Visa On Arrival Approval Letter, you need the following documents at the port of entry.

      • Two passport-size pictures
      • The Visa On Arrival Approval Letter
      • Proof of payment of the visa fee
      • Your valid passport 
      • A valid return flight ticket


      Can you extend a Liberia visa?

      Yes, you are eligible to extend your Liberia visa for up to 30 days at an Immigration Office in Liberia before the expiry of your current visa.


      Is it expensive to visit Liberia?

      To visit Liberia is quite affordable. During your visit to Liberia, you can expect to spend about ₡176,067 for one person in a week.

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