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    Cuba Visit Visa

    Do you want to travel to Cuba for less than 30 days? Then you will be needing a Cuban Travel Card or a Cuba Travel Visa to proceed with your application.

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      Cuba, the Caribbean's largest island, drips with history, culture, and a captivating mystique. Live music wafts through the cobbled squares in Havana's World Heritage-listed Old Town, vintage cars still cruise the streets, and the beautiful old buildings in Cuba's colonial cities evoke the feel of a country frozen in time.

      Cuba also abounds in natural beauty. This vast island has more than 5,000 kilometers of coastline, much of it rimmed by dazzling beaches. Coral reefs glimmer in the turquoise waters, and Cuba's lush countryside and sublime islands have played host to presidents; provided refuge to revolutionaries; and inspired writers from around the world, Hemingway among them. With all this history and beauty, as well as superb diving and fishing, Cuba offers a depth and diversity few Caribbean islands can rival.

      Although still closed off to American tourists, Cuba is open to other world travelers eager to explore the rich culture and history of the island. Known for its legendary cigars, American vintage cars, stunning beaches, not to mention a few rum distilleries, Cuba clearly has a lot to offer visitors. When selecting the best places to visit in Cuba, be sure to embrace both the rural and the city experiences. The perfect trip to Cuba will include Havana, but it will also get off the beaten track and explore the incredible scenery and culture of the entire island. 

      "Learn about the requirements for visiting Cuba, such as how much does a Cuba visit visa cost? What documents will you be needing for applying for a visit visa? etc."

      Do You need a visa to visit Cuba

      Yes, you will need a visa to travel to Cuba.

      Which type of Visa do you need to Visit Cuba

      The required tourist visa, known as a tourist card, allows the holder to stay in Cuba for 30 days and is valid for a single entry. You must also have a passport valid for the length of your proposed duration of stay, as well as proof of a confirmed return flight and booked accommodation.

      Cuba Visit Visa Processing Time

      The processing time for a Cuba visa can take as long as 4 weeks, but this is subject to change. A Cuba visa's processing time depends very much on the type of visa, the nationality of the person applying, the time of year, and other variables.

      Cuba Visit Visa Fees

      For whatever reason you chose not to apply online and opted to go to a Cuban embassy to get your visa, the fees are indeed lower than if you get a Cuba Tourist card online. The prices depend from one embassy to the embassy, but they range from $20 to $75. However, do not forget to add the cost of you going to a Cuban diplomatic mission to apply.

      • First of all, depending on where you live, you may have to take a trip. Cuban consulates cannot be found in all cities. The trip may cost you a bit.
      • You need to apply during business hours and if you have a day job, you need to take leave from work. That, again, is money out of your pocket. Not to mention the time and the energy you will spend on that day.
      • Traveling and standing in line are not relaxing activities, which is why you need to take all of that into consideration.

      Cuba Visit Visa Requirements

      • Valid passport – the passport needs to keep its validity for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Cuba. If it does not, you need to apply for a renewal.
      • Tourist Card – this is the document you will receive from iVisa via postal mail.
      • A flight itinerary both to and from Cuba.
      • Travel insurance – This is a rule that was introduced back in 2010. If you do not have travel insurance, you have the option to purchase a policy before your departure, as well as when you arrive in Cuba.

      Cuba Visit Visa Process

      Go to the Here you will have to:

      • Fill in the Assessment form
      • Receive our email
      • You will have to pay the refundable visa service fee that Visa Vendor charges
      • After your payment, you will be given credentials of your portal
      • You will attach all your important documents that are mentioned in the checklist above
      • Your application will be finalized 
      • Once your application is completed, it will be sent to the embassy to get processed


       Best Tourist Spots to Visit in Cuba

       Old Havana (Habana Vieja)

       Playa Paraíso, Cayo Largo del Sur


       Parque Nacional Viñales (Valle de Viñales)




       The Malecon, Havana

       Cayo Coco

       Che Guevara Mausoleum, Santa Clara



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