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    Bulgaria is a Balkan state with everything from eye-opening snow-capped mountains to fascinating beaches along the black sea coast.

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      Bulgaria is globally known for its captivating seaside and winter resorts. It is a fusion of Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences and is full of exquisite Roman and Greek architectural places.

      Every year Bulgaria natural beauty attracts millions of visitors. It is a land of golden beaches, historical sites, breathtaking mountains and parks and has something unusual for everyone.

      If you are considering it as your destination to visit, you will need to check whether you need a visa or not.


      Who does not need a visa to enter Bulgaria?

      As you may already know, Bulgaria is a part of the EU (European Union). So, according to the Bulgaria and European Union’s Common visa policy, it allows citizens of various countries to enter the state without a visa for up to 90-days within six months. If you are a resident of any following country, you do not need to have a visa to visit Bulgaria.

      • Albania
      • Andorra
      • Antigua and Barbuda
      • Argentina
      • Australia
      • Austria
      • Bahamas
      • Barbados
      • Belgium
      • Bosnia and Herzegovina
      • Brazil
      • Brunei
      • Canada
      • Chile
      • China, Hong Kong
      • China, Macao
      • Columbia
      • Costa Rica
      • Croatia
      • Cyprus
      • Czech 
      • Denmark
      • Dominica
      • El Salvador
      • Estonia
      • Finland
      • France
      • Georgia
      • Germany
      • Greece
      • Grenada
      • Guatemala
      • Honduras
      • Hungary
      • Ireland
      • Iceland
      • Israel
      • Italy
      • Japan
      • Kiribati
      • Latvia
      • Lichtenstein
      • Lithuania
      • Luxemburg
      • Macedonia
      • Malaysia
      • Malta
      • Marshall Islands
      • Mauritius
      • Mexico
      • Micronesia
      • Moldova
      • Monaco
      • Montenegro
      • Netherland
      • New Zealand
      • Nicaragua
      • Norway
      • Palau
      • Panamas
      • Paraguay
      • Peru
      • Poland
      • Portugal
      • Puerto Rico
      • Republic of Korea
      • Romania
      • Saint Kitts and Nevis
      • Saint Lucia
      • Saint Vincent and Grenadines
      • Samoa
      • San Marino
      • Serbia
      • Seychelles
      • Singapore
      • Slovakia
      • Slovenia
      • Solomon Islands
      • Spain
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • Taiwan
      • Timor-Leste
      • Tonga
      • Trinidad and Tobago
      • Tuvalu
      • Ukraine
      • United Arab Emirates
      • United Kingdom
      • Uruguay
      • The United States of America
      • Vanuatu
      • Vatican City State
      • Venezuela

      Also, if you are a national of Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Switzerland, you do not need to obtain a Bulgaria long-term visa and Bulgaria Work Permit. If your country is not in the listed counties, you need to get a visa to visit Bulgaria.


      How to get a Bulgaria Visit Visa?

      To visit Bulgaria, all you need to have a Bulgaria Visit Visa (Type C Visa). It is for a short stay visit to the state and allows you to stay for up to 90 days within six-months.


      What will be the requirements for a Bulgaria Visit Visa?

      You need to have the following documents to get a Bulgaria Visit Visa (Short-Stay Visa).

      1. Bulgaria Visit Visa Application Form

      2. Travel document or Valid Passport

      3. Passport size photo

      4. Proof of enough financial resources

      5. Proof of Accommodation in Bulgaria (i.e., hotel reservation)

      6. Return ticket

      7. Health Insurance document

      8. Invitation letter from the host

      9. A report that shows Purpose of visit

      10. Tourist voucher of the sending travel agent (If any)


      What will be the cost of a Bulgaria Visit Visa?

      Bulgaria is pretty affordable to visit as compared to many other Western and Central European countries. It will cost you around USD 80 to get a Bulgaria Visit Visa.


      What will be the processing time for a Bulgaria Visit Visa?

      It will take around 10-15 calendar days for visa processing.

      Do you want to work in Bulgaria? Check the details about Bulgaria Work Visa.


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