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    Taiwan Student Visa

    In Taiwan, you will experience a dynamic and modern society populated by some of the most sympathetic and hospitable people.

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      Taiwan has a remarkable higher education system that provides opportunities for international students to study a wide range of subjects. It is one of the affordable study abroad destinations. In Taiwan, you can explore some of the exciting and fascinating places along with your education. Here, international students do not have to pay a high tuition fee as required by many other international institutions. An outstanding education can lead to an exceptional future. What are you waiting for? Come to Taiwan and accomplish your dreams. 


      Who does not need a visa to stay in Taiwan for up to 90 days?

      If your course of study is not more than 90-days and you are from any of the following countries, you do not need to apply for a visa. You are allowed to stay in the state for up to 90-days without a visa.

      • All European Union (EU) states
      • European Free Trade Association (EFTA) states
      • Andorra
      • Australia 
      • Canada
      • Chile
      • Eswatini
      • Guatemala
      • Haiti
      • Honduras
      • Israel
      • Japan
      • Marshall Islands
      • Monaco
      • New Zealand
      • Nicaragua
      • North Macedonia
      • Palau
      • Paraguay
      • San Marino
      • South Korea
      • Tuvalu
      • United States
      • Vatican City

      Note that if you are not from any of the listed countries, you need to apply for a student visa to study in Taiwan.


      What is a Taiwan Student Visa?

      Taiwan offers two types of visa for international students:

      1. Taiwan Visitor Visa

      2. Taiwan Resident Visa

      If your course of study is less than six months, you should apply for the visitor visa. But if your course of study is longer than six months, you will need to apply for the Taiwan Resident Visa. It is a type of Taiwan Student Visa which allows you to remain in the state for longer than 90-days.

      Before applying for a resident visa, you must have an official acceptance letter from the inviting educational institution in Taiwan. If you arrive in Taiwan with a residence visa, you need to apply for the ARC (Alien Resident Certificate). It is an ID card for those students who hold a resident visa. And you also need to get a Re-entry Permit at the National Immigration Agency in Taipei within 15 days of your arrival in Taiwan. You can stay in Taiwan as far as the Alien Resident Certificate remains valid. 

      In case, you arrive in Taiwan with a visitor visa and want to stay in Taiwan for more than 90-days, you will need to switch your visa to a resident visa and then apply for the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) from the National Immigration Agency.

      Note that you need to apply for a visa at the nearest Taiwan embassies in your country. If there are no Taiwan embassies in your country, you can contact the nearest one in your neighbouring countries. 

      When to apply for the Taiwan Student Visa (Taiwan Resident Visa)

      There are two possibilities when you apply for a Taiwan Student Visa:

      • After you have an acceptance letter by a Taiwanese educational institution, you need to contact the nearest Taiwanese embassy. 
      • If you are already in Taiwan with a Taiwan Visitor Visa, and eligible to apply for a Taiwan Student Visa, you can go to the Bureau of Consular Affairs for application.


      Requirements of a Taiwan Student Visa

      You will need to have the following requirements to get a Taiwan Student Visa.

      1. Passport with a validity of up to 6 months

      2. Two passport-size photos

      3. Health insurance certificate 

      4. Certificate of enrollment in Taiwanese educational institution

      5. Transcript of your highest education

      6. A Bank statements stating enough financial funds

      7. Completed Taiwan Student Visa Application Form

      Note that all the required documents and payment methods vary from country to country, so make sure to get the latest instructions from your nearest Taiwan mission.


      Cost of a Taiwan Student Visa

      It will cost:

      • For Single-Entry Resident Visa: US$66
      • For Multiple-Entry Resident Visa: US$132


      Processing time for a Taiwan Student Visa

      The processing time for the student visa for Taiwan is about 3 to 5 days. 


      Required Documents for the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) 

      To apply for the ARC, you will need to have the following documents.

      • Completed ARC Application Form
      • Valid Passport
      • One passport-size photo
      • Health certificate
      • Certificate of enrollment in Taiwanese educational institution
      • marital status


      Fee for the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

      It will cost:

      • For one-year duration: NT$1,000
      • For two years: NT$2,000
      • For three-year duration: NT$3,000


      Can you work with a Taiwan Student Visa?

      To work in Taiwan during your study period, you need to apply for a work permit from the Workforce Development Agency (WDA).


      The 8 Top Ranked Universities in Taiwan

      In Taiwan, there are a variety of top-ranked universities. Some of them are:

      1. National Taiwan University

      2. National Tsing Hua University

      3. Taipei Medical University

      4. China Medical University

      5. National Chiao Tung University

      6. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

      7. National Yang-Ming University

      8. National Cheng Kung University

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