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    Somalia Study Visa

    Somalia is a country in East Africa, and its position is quite essential for oil shipment as it is situated at the Horn of Africa.

    Table of Contents

      You may have often heard about this country in the news due to the civil war, and you might think it’s not a place to stay. But it is not completely true, and things are now getting better. There are some areas in Somalia which are unsafe to live in. But the other parts are safe, and you can stay there without any threats of life.

      You need to know that it is a Muslim country with strict shariah laws. So you should keep this in your mind if you are planning to stay and study there. Arabic and Somali are the official languages of Somalia. 


      Why should you choose Somalia for Study?  

      It would help if you choose Somalia to study simply due to its low-cost education system. Along with a low cost,  you will get quite satisfactory higher education standards in Somalia.

      If you want to have an affordable higher education degree, you can choose Somalia as your destination as it is safe to live. Moreover, the University of Mogadishu is among the top 100 universities in Africa.

      To study in Somalia, you need a Somalia Study Visa.


      How to get a Somalia Study Visa?

      You need a Somalia Study Visa to enter the country and stay there for your study purposes. The visa is mandatory whichever citizenship you have. You can also have a visa on arrival if you choose Mogadishu International Airport as your arrival point or if you are arriving at Somaliland.

      However, to apply for a study visa, choose a university in which you want to get admission. Upon successful admission to the University, you will be given an admission letter. You can then contact the Somalia embassy in your country to apply for your visa.



      Documents Required for Somalia Study Visa

      The following documents are required to apply for the Somalia Study Visa:

      1. A completed Somalia Study Visa Application Form

      2. Current passport having minimum validity of six months and having two consecutive blank pages

      3. Two of your recent passport size photographs

      4. Legal admission letter from the University

      5. Bank statements from the last three months to show a proof for sufficient funds

      6. Medical tests


      The validity of a Somalia Study Visa

      A Visa On Arrival is valid for up to 30 days. However, you can extend the visa if it is a Somalia Study Visa.


      Processing time for a Somalia Study Visa

      It will take serval working days for Somalia visa processing.


      Cost of Somali Study Visa

      Cost of a single-entry visa is only 60$, but the total cost of a Somalia Study Visa would be dependent on your University.


      What will be the cost of living in Somalia?

      Somalia is not a very developed or advanced country. Hence, the cost of living in Somalia is lesser as compared to other countries. It is highly affordable, and you can meet your expenses easily. 


      Which University consider to Study in Somalia?

      The following are some of the best Universities to study in Somalia. You can choose any of these without any hesitation:

      • Kismayo University
      • Mogadishu University
      • Puntland State University
      • Nugaal University
      • University of Somalia

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