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    Singapore Student Visa

    If you are looking for a unique and contemporary higher education experience, Singapore is an ideal study abroad destination for you.

    Table of Contents

      Singapore is a vibrant state with a rich cultural heritage. It offers an extremely high quality of teaching and learning standards. Today Singapore is one of the foremost in higher education all around the world.

      By studying in Singapore, you will be able to gain practical experience along with a highly recognized degree. Here, you will have a high standard of living with an astonishingly low cost. Every year a wide range of scholarship programs offered to the international students. If you want to study in Singapore, the first thing you need is a Singapore Student Visa.


      How to apply for a Singapore Student Visa?

      To study in Singapore under a full-time course, you need to have a Singapore Student Visa. It is a type of Student Pass which allows you to enter the state for study purposes and it is issued by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

      Before applying for a student visa (Singapore Student Pass), you must have an acceptance letter (IPA) from the desired university for a full-time study program. 

      You need to apply for a student visa through Singapore immigration and checkpoint Authority (ICA) within two weeks after you receive an acceptance letter. This process will be done through the SOLAR (Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration System), by filling eForm 16

      If you want to study in any of the following types of higher educational institution in Singapore, you will need a Singapore Student Visa(Student Pass):

      • Private education organizations (Approved)
      • Institute of Technical Education
      • Institute of Higher Learning (Local educational institutions)

      After you arrive at the Singapore Airport, you will need to have three documents: your passport, original copy of acceptance letter (IPA) and Embarkation card. The Embarkation card you will receive on the plane.

      Important Note: If you want to study in any govt. Institutions or Institute of Technical Education (ITE), you will also need to have a local sponsor, can be anyone who is a resident of Singapore over the age of 21.

      Who is not eligible for a Singapore Student Visa?

      If you want to study Part-time courses or weekends courses. In that case, you need to apply for a Singapore Short Stay visa.

      Cost for a Singapore Student Visa(Student Pass)

      It will cost you about $60.


      Processing time for a Singapore Student Visa

      It will take about 10 to 15 days for student visa processing.


      Documents required for a Singapore Student Visa

      To study in Singapore, you will need the following documents to get a student visa (Student pass).

      1. A valid passport or travel document

      2. An acceptance letter from the Institute of Higher Learning (IHL) in Singapore

      3. A notification you must have received from Institute of Higher Learning (IHL)

      4. Four passport size photographs

      5. Proof of accommodation in Singapore

      6. Your email ID

      7. Academic record

      8. Proof of enough financial means

      9. Health insurance document

      10. Personal information of the parents (if required)

      Note that if you are a holder of a Dependent Pass (DP) or an Immigration Exemption Order by ICA or a Short Time Social Visit Pass for a short course, you do not need a student visa for Singapore.


      Can you work during the study in Singapore?

      You can work in Singapore without the need to apply for a work pass only if:

      • You are registered in a full-time study course.
      • You have a Student pass/Student visa issued by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

      Also, you need to fall under one of the following conditions. 

      • If working hours are up to 16 hours a week
      • If it is a part of your study program conducted by your educational institution


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