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    Serbia Study Visa

    Serbia, with a high standard of education and modern facilities, fascinates students worldwide.

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      It is a small landlocked country in southeastern Europe with several agreements with other countries in the field of higher education. Studying at any Serbian university, you will be a great cultural experience, and it will develop your perception. 

      Serbia is known for its prime education and exceptional learning environment. Degrees from Serbian Institutes are recognized internationally. You will have a variety of study options if you choose to study in any Serbian university.


      Why study in Serbia?

      There are the following reasons to study in Serbia.

      1. Prime Quality Education

      Educational Institutions of Serbia offers high-quality education. It provides a variety of courses for all degree levels. There are a lot of opportunities for students to achieve their goals.

      2. Offers Scholarship Programmes

      In Serbia, you can also get Scholarships in undergraduate, master, and doctoral programs. 

      3. Cultural Diversity

      Serbia is a fusion of western and eastern cultures. It has a multicultural environment so you can experience a diversity of cultures here.

      4. Affordable Studying and Living Standard

      In Serbia, the cost of living and studying is quite low and accessible to everyone.

      Note that to study in Serbia, you will need a Serbia Study Visa.


      How to get a Serbia Study Visa?

      If you want to study in Serbia, you have to know whether you need a visa to enter Serbia or not. Click here to see the list of countries that are allowed to enter Serbia without a visa. But if your country is not in the given list, you will need to apply for a Serbia Study Visa to get into Serbia for study purpose.

      To study in Serbia for more than 90-days, you will need to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit after entering Serbia. After you arrive in Serbia, you have to register yourself at the nearest police station.

      Note that if you are an academic exchange student, you will need to get a Temporary Residence Permit to stay in Serbia.


      What will be the Requirements for the Serbia Study Visa?

      To enter Serbia, if you need a visa, then you will have the following required documents.

      1. Visa Application Form

      2. Valid Travel Document

      3. Letter of Invitation from any Serbian institution 

      4. Passport size photo

      5. Evidence that shows sufficient funds for staying in Serbia

      6. Health Insurance

      7. Proof of Accommodation in Serbia

      8. Return ticket 

      9. Visa fee payment

      Documents for Temporary Residence Permit

      You will need to have the following documents to get a Temporary Residence Permit.

      1. Valid Travel Document 

      2. Passport-size Photo

      3. Completed Application Form 

      4. Health insurance document

      5. Purpose of stay 

      6. Proof of enough funds

      7. Proof of Accommodation 

      8. Fees Payment

      9. Acceptance letter from any Serbian higher education institution 

      Note that it will take approximately three weeks for residence permit processing. It is valid for a year, and it can be extended for up to three years.


      What will be the Accommodation cost for Students in Serbia?

      Accommodation cost depends on the location and number of rooms and people staying there. Usually, it will cost around €150 to €200 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.


      What will be the cost of studying in Serbia?

      The studying cost depends on the type of course and institute you choose to study. But generally, it will cost around 500 to EUR 2500 a year.


      Top 2 Best Universities in Serbia

      The following are the best universities in Serbia, according to International Rankings.

      1. University of Belgrade 

      2. University of Novi Sad


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