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    Studying in Russia allows you to explore a wide range of fascinating subjects.

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      Russia is known for its perfection in literature, ballet, painting, and classical music. So, it is a perfect place to study if you are interested in the arts. 

      It is a land of impressive universities where high-quality education is given, which is affordable for anyone. Every year around 250,000 international students from worldwide choose Russia for their higher education. It is one of the safest countries to live, and here you will experience an opulent lifestyle. If you want to study in Russia, you will need to have a Russian Student Visa.


      Who does not need a Russia Student Visa?

      If you are from any CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States)country, you can study in Russia without a student visa for Russia.

      CIS Countries:

      1. Belarus

      2. Kazakhstan 

      3. Kyrgyzstan 

      4. Moldova

      5. Tadzhikistan

      6. Uzbekistan 

      7. Armenia

      8. Ukraine

      9. Abkhazia 

      Note that if you are a citizen of South Ossetia, you also do not need to have a student visa for Russia.


      How to get a Russia Student Visa?

      Before traveling to Russia, you will need to obtain a Russian Student Visa. Russia issues a study visa on the basis of invitation by the Ministry of Interior. The following are the types of study visas used to enter Russia for study purposes.

      • Single entry
      • Double entry
      • Multiple-entry

      Initially, a single entry visa is issued. Usually, it is valid for three months but can be extended for the duration of the study contract or up to a year. It is valid for study in all the Russian colleges or universities or any short-term courses. It can also be changed into a multiple-entry visa after three months of your arrival in the Russian Federation (Russia).

      Before applying for a Russian Student Visa, you will need to have a study visa invitation from the Russian Ministry of Interior. You can also get it from your University in Russia, where you got admission.

      Note that your Russian university is responsible for providing you with this invitation. 


      What is the Russian Humanitarian Visa?

      If you are traveling to Russia for post-doctoral research or to attend academic seminars or any science or culture projects, you can apply for a Russian Humanitarian Visa. It is valid for up to one year.


      What to do after arriving in Russia?

      After you reach the Russian port, you will receive a document (Immigration Card). It consists of two similar parts. After filling the required information in the Immigration Card, one piece will remain at the border police and the other one you have to bring with you.

      And you need to register your student visa. If you are staying at a hotel or a private home, then it is the responsibility of the hotel or the owner of the house to register your student visa. Please provide them with the following documents to complete the process.

      • Copy of your passport
      • Copy of Russia visa
      • Copy of immigration card


      What will be the requirements for a Russia Student Visa?

      The requirements for a student visa for Russia are as follows:

      1. Completed Application form

      2. Visa Support Document or Invitation from Russian University 

      3. HIV Test (AIDS) report

      4. Copy of Direct inviting letter of your Russian university ( Only valid for short-term study courses) 

      5. Valid Passport 

      6. Passport-size photo

      7. Health Insurance document

      8. Document of visa fee payment


      What will be the Processing time of a Russia Student Visa?

      It will take around 7-20 working days. But if you want a visa on an urgent basis, it will take up to 3 working days with a higher visa fee.


      What will be the cost of the Russia Student Visa?

      The cost of a Russian Student Visa depends on nationality, type of visa, and processing time. Usually, it will cost around only £38.40. But, if you want a visa on an urgent basis, it will be around £45.60.


      What will be the living cost of a student in Russia?

      The cost of living in Russia is quite cheap. Usually, it will cost around 300 to 400 USD in a month.


      Universities in Russia

      The following are the top 10 Russian Universities.

      1. Lomonosov Moscow State University

      2. Saint-Petersburg State University

      3. Novosibirsk State University

      4. Tomsk State University 

      5. Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology State University

      6. National Research Nuclear University 

      7. Bauman Moscow State Technical University 

      8. National Research University - Higher School of Economics 

      9. Tomsk Polytechnic University

      10. Moscow State Institute of International Relations

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