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    Romania Student Visa

    Romania is a southeastern European state with a top-quality education, which is acknowledged all over the world.

    Table of Contents

      If you want to get a lot of job opportunities, Romania is the right place for higher education. Here along with world-class quality education, you can explore its breathtaking sights. If you want to study in Romania, we will guide you with everything.


      Why study in Romania?

      There are several reasons which make Romania an ideal place to study; some of them are:

      1. High-quality education

      Romania is a center of excellence in teaching, learning, and practice. The partnership programs of Romania with so many top universities across the world will help to provide the best study and research opportunities to the students. 

      2. Affordable Tuition Fee

      One of the major reasons why international students prefer Romania is a variety of study programs at an affordable cost. 

      3. Exceptional living standard with less cost

      In Romania, you have multiple options for accommodation. You can either stay in a rental room or a university hostel. The living cost of Romania is much less as compared to many other European countries. 

      4. Multicultural environment

      By studying in Romania, you will experience cultural diversity, and it will also enhance your perceptions about different cultures.

      5. Job opportunities

      A degree from Romania is highly acknowledged all over the world. By studying in Romania will help you to have a shining future with an amazing job. 

      Note that to study in Romania, you need to check whether you need a visa or not.


      Who does not need a Romania Student Visa?

      If you are from an EU/EEA country, you do not need to apply for a student visa to study in Romania. And if your course of study is more than 90-days, you only need to apply for an extension of a residence permit at the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs just after you arrive in Romania.

      The nationals of the following countries also do not need to have a student visa for Romania.

      • Canada
      • Croatia
      • Japan
      • Moldova
      • South Korea
      • Switzerland
      • United States
      • Serbia

      But if you are from any Non-EU/EEA, you will need to obtain a student visa to study in Romania. 


      How to get a Romania Student Visa?

      To study in Romania, all you need to apply for a long-term Romania Student Visa only if you are a Non-EU/EEA national. It allows you to stay long term in the territory of Romania for study purposes.

      If your course of study is less than 90-days, you can also apply for a Short-Term Visa (Type C). Before applying for a Romania student visa, you must have an acceptance letter from Romanian university. 

      Once you arrived in Romania with a long-term Romania Student Visa, you have to apply for a residence permit. It allows you to remain in the state for a year or until your study period. After completing the registration process in the chosen Romanian Institute, you can apply for a residence permit.

      Note that you can not apply for a residence permit if you arrived in Romania with a short term visa. So, if you want to live and study in Romania for more than 90-days, you must have a long-term Romania Student Visa and a residence permit.


      What will be the required documents for a student visa for Romania?

      You will need to have the following documents to get a student visa for Romania.

      1. Completed Romania Student Visa Application Form

      2. An Acceptance letter from Romanian educational institute

      3. Proof that shows a payment of tuition fees 

      4. Proof of enough financial resources 

      5. Criminal record document

      6. Medical insurance

      7. Approval of the guardian to stay in Romania for study purpose

      8. Official admission letter

      The following documents you need, to get a residence permit:

      1. Valid passport

      2. Completed Application Form

      3. Evidence that shows a payment of tuition fee 

      4. An acceptance letter by the Ministry of Education

      5. Medical certificate

      7. Evidence of Medical Insurance 

      8. Proof of accommodation in Romania

      9. Proof that shows sufficient funds

      10. Passport photos


      What will be the processing time for a Romania Student Visa?

      It will take at least 30 days for visa processing.


      What will be studying costs in Romania?

      The studying cost depends on the type of study program and chosen educational institute. In Romania, private educational institutions charge more than public institutions. You can expect to pay between RON 14,000 to RON 30,000 per year for a degree in Romania. 


      The five top-rated Universities in Romania

      Where to study in Romania? Check the list of the Top 5 best Universities in Romania.

      1. Alexandru Ioan Cuza University

      2. Babes-Bolyai University

      3. The University of Bucharest

      4. University Politehnica of Bucharest 

      5. The Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara


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