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    Macedonia is a country in Central Europe and is one of the most well-developed industrial countries in the world. It is a nation of ideas.

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      Macedonia has several distinct cultural groups, including Turks, Roma, Macedonians, Albanians, and Serbs. It is one of those countries mostly selected by international students as the destination of their Higher Education.

      In Macedonia, universities give importance to research and teaching. Due to this, some of the innovative findings that you have seen in the world are the output of Macedonia University research. This is one of the reasons why outsider students choose Macedonia for research studies.

      The Economic conditions of Macedonia are not as strong as other states in Europe. But the educational system here is exceptional with high-quality standards.


      How to get a Macedonia Study Visa?

      If you want to study in Macedonia, you will need a long-term visa, which lasts for more than 90 days. To get this, you must have the acceptance of admission into one of the recognized universities in Macedonia. In addition, you must have evidence that shows enough financial funding for education and the entire stay.

      Before your arrival in Macedonia, you should apply at the nearest Macedonian Embassy. Once you arrive, you will need to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit as a student to stay until you complete your course of study from the branch office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

      Note that you need to visit this office within 5-days from the arrival day, and you will get a Residence Permit within 25-days.


      What will be the Requirements to get a Macedonia Study Visa?

      Before going to Macedonia, several documents are required to get a Type D Visa or Long Stay Macedonia Study Visa

      1. Passport-size photos

      2. Health Insurance Certificate

      3. Completed Application of Temporary Residence Permit

      4. Valid Passport

      5. Acceptance of admission from university in Macedonia


      Note that the documents should be translated into the Macedonian language.


      Documents required for a Temporary Residence Permit:

      1. Agreement of Temporary Residence from the Ministry of Interior Affairs 

      2. Letter of acceptance from chosen Educational Institution in Macedonia

      3. Copy of Passport 

      4. Health insurance 

      5. Bank Statement that shows enough funds.

      6. Proof that shows payment on the account(of the Ministry of Interior Affairs)


      Note that you can also fill our Assessment form. Click Here Macedonia Study Visa Form to begin the process.


      What will be the Cost of Living for a Student in Macedonia?

      Generally, the living cost for a student ranges from 50 to 65 euros per month, including the cost of accommodation and food. 


      What will be the Cost of Studying in Macedonia?

      Usually, at Public Universities you have to pay around 200 to 400 euros for studying but at the Private Institutions will cost you from 500 euro to 2000 euros per academic year. 


      Top 5 Universities in Macedonia

      The following are the five state universities in Macedonia.

      1. University for Information Science and Technology 

      2. Ss. Cyril and Methodius University of Skopje

      3. St Clement of Ohrid University of Bitola

      4. State University of Tetovo

      5. Goce Delcev University of Stip


      Some private institutions of higher education are:

      1. Slavic University, located in Sveti Nikole

      2. European University

      3. South-East European University


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