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    Nepal Study Visa

    Nepal is one of the well-developed countries in South Asia with a dynamic culture and rich history.

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      Every year international students from all across the world choose to study in Nepal. It is an outstanding study abroad choice for anyone who is fascinated in social and economic development. 

      It offers a majestic environment for hiking and mountaineering, as well as some of the best white water rafting: Kathmandu, a capital city of Nepal and a home to some of the well-known educational institutions.

      Nepal is one of the poorest states, and it offers a comfortable living style at an affordable cost. Along with your studies in Nepal, you can also explore its vibrant, exciting history. Moreover, The people of Nepal are pleasant and hospitable. Here, you will enjoy a multicultural environment. If you are wondering about studying in Nepal, we will guide you with everything about the Nepal Study Visa.


      What is a Nepal Study Visa?

      If you want to study in Nepal, you need to apply for a Nepal Study Visa. The study visa is issued for up to one year or the duration of your study course. Before applying for a study visa, you must have an acceptance letter from the concerned educational institution in Nepal. You also need a recommendation letter from the Nepal Ministry of Education.

      It is also issued to those who want to be involved in any academic work, i.e. teaching in Nepal. In that case, too, you need a recommendation letter from the concerned agencies of Nepal Government. 


      What will be the requirements for a Nepal Study Visa?

      You must have the following documents to obtain a study visa for Nepal.

      1. A Completed Nepal Study Visa Application Form

      2. Passport size photo

      3. A valid passport or travel document

      4. A recommendation letter from the Nepal Ministry of Education

      5. An acceptance letter from the educational institution in Nepal

      6. Proof of enough sufficient financial means, i.e. a bank statement

      7. Progress report Card (for renewal of Study Visa)

      8. All the academic documents or transcript

      9. Your CV (Curriculum Vitae)

      10. Health insurance document

      11. A police clearance report from the native state

      12. Proof that shows accommodation in Nepal

      Some additional documents required if you are a researcher:

      • Invitation letter from the Academic Institution of Nepal
      • Agreement between two Academic Institutions 


      What will be the processing time for a Nepal Study Visa?

      The processing time for a Nepal study visa depends on the Nepal embassy where you apply for a visa.


      What will be the cost of a Nepal Study Visa?

      The cost of a Nepal Study Visa usually depends on your nationality, but typically, it will cost:

      • For Nepal Study Visa: USD 30 per month
      • For Multiple-entry Visa: 60 USD extra in monthly visa fee
      • For Researcher: USD 50 per month


      What are some of the highly ranked educational institutions in Nepal?

      Where should you study in Nepal? Check out the list of some best educational institutions in Nepal.

      • Kathmandu University
      • Pokhara University
      • Tribhuvan University
      • Purbanchal University
      • Agriculture and Forestry University
      • Mid Western University

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