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    Montenegro Study Visa

    Studying in Montenegro is becoming a trendy choice for undergraduates all over the world.

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      High quality of education with superior living standard, at a reasonable cost, make Montenegro worth considering as a study destination. It is one of the smallest and least populated countries in Europe with a comparably less price level. Degree from any institution of Montenegro is highly recognized all over the world. In this state, you get everything: fantastic culture, an enthusiastic population, safety like a native country, and a worthy lifestyle.


      Why Study in Montenegro?

      All educational institutes of higher education in Montenegro correlate to EU (European Union) standards. There are countless reasons to choose Montenegro as your study destination.

      1. Well-Structured Educational System

      In Montenegro, the educational system is well developed and provides a high standard of education. Also, higher education institutions offer a wide range of academic programs, i.e., bachelor, specialist, master, or doctorate.

      2. Reasonable fee structure

      In Montenegro, the price level is quite lower than in Western Europe. You can say that Montenegro is one of the best places to study, as the fee at the higher education institutions is quite low, which can be affordable for anyone.

      3. Diversity of culture

      It is a container of different cultures and religions. Here, you can experience a multi-cultural environment.

      4. Learn Different Languages

      The official language of Montenegro is Montenegrin. Other languages, such as Croatian, Serbian, Albanian, and Bosnian are also commonly used. By studying in Montenegro, you can learn these languages.

      Note that if you want to study in Montenegro, you will need to have a Montenegro Study Visa. A Montenegro Study Visa allows you to live and work in Montenegro for as long as your study period.


      How to get a Montenegro Study Visa?

      If you are from any of the EU countries, you can enter Montenegro on exchange programs with a passport, and later you can apply for a Long-Stay Visa to stay in Montenegro. You have to report to the inspector of foreigners within 24 hours and submit a temporary stay request.

      But, if you are from any non-EU country and you want to study in Montenegro, all you need to have a Long-Stay Visa (D). It will allow you to remain in the country for more than 90-days. You can also apply for a permit of temporary residence to extend your stay until you complete your studies.

      In some instances, a long-stay visa is considered as a temporary residence permit. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with the Ministry of Interior, is responsible for processing visa requests of international students.

      Documents Required for a Montenegro Study Visa

      You have to submit a visa application form along with the following documents to get a Long-Stay Visa (D) for study purpose:

      1. Completed Application form

      2. Copy of valid passport

      3. Passport-size photos (two)

      4. Invitation letter from the institution in Montenegro

      5. Return air ticket

      6. Proof that shows sufficient funds

      7. Health Insurance document

      8. Proof of accommodation in Montenegro

      9. Proof of visa fee payment


      What will be the accommodation cost in Montenegro?

      In Montenegro, accommodation is affordable and readily available. The cost depends on the location and number of rooms and people sharing it. Typically, the cost of housing ranges from 80 EUR to 400 EUR per month.


      What will be the transportation cost in Montenegro?

      In Montenegro, buses and taxis are readily available at cheap cost, and a minimum fare is 1.0 to 1.30 EUR.


      Where to study in Montenegro?

      There are three well-known universities located in the capital of Podgorica.

      1. University of Montenegro

      2. The University Donja Gorica

      3. University Mediteran

      The University of Montenegro is the most prominent and government-owned. This institute is recognized internationally.


      What will be the studying cost in Montenegro?

      The studying cost depends on the University and course of study you choose. But approximately it will cost:

      • Master’s degree program: €2500 per year
      • Doctoral studies: €3000 per academic year
      • Bachelor degree program: €1500 per academic year
      • Specialist studies: €2000 per year


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