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    Monaco is one of the most exciting states with breathtaking sights. It is one of the five European microstates with an area of only 2.02 sq km. It is also called a city-state.

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      This tiny state is known for its attractive places and events such as the Monaco Yacht Show and the Monaco Grand Prix. The official language of Monaco is French, but English is also spoken mostly in restaurants, bars, and hotels. It offers a tax-free lifestyle. 

      In Monaco, you will get an extraordinarily high quality of education. It devotes around 5% of its budget to educational funds. If you are considering Monaco for your higher education, you will get a taste of the luxury lifestyle. To study in Monaco, the first thing you will have is a Monaco Study Visa.


      How to get a Monaco Study Visa?

      If you want to study in Monaco, all you need to have a Long-Stay Study Visa. It will allow you to stay for longer than six months. It will proceed as a residence permit, and it will remain until your study period. 

      According to the France-Monaco Agreement, Monaco does not have its visa policy. So, all applications go through by French consular authorities.

      Note that if you want to live in Monaco, you will need to apply for a Long-Stay Study Visa. But if you are going to live in France, you will need to apply for a Long-Stay Visitor Visa(VLS-TS type D visitor). It allows you to reside in France and study in Monaco.


      What will be the required documents for a Monaco Study Visa?

      To obtain a Long-Stay Study Visa, you have to submit the following documents.

      1. Completed Application form of Monaco Study Visa

      2. Proof that shows enough funds to live in Monaco

      3. Police Record (last two years)

      4. Evidence that shows accommodation in Monaco

      5. Valid Passport

      6. Birth Certificate 

      7. Marital status 

      8. Admission/Invitation letter from the University in Monaco

      9. Medical Insurance Document

      10. Passport size photo(four)


      What will be the living cost in Monaco for a Student?

      It is costly to live in Monaco. Because in Monaco, housing costs are insane. Due to this, university students prefer to live in France, where housing costs are quite low, ranging from €600 to €900 per month.

      So, for students who are on a budget, Monaco is not the best place. Usually, the average living cost of a student, including all the expenses, will range from €2,000 - €3,000 per month. Here, public transport may cost you up to €40 per month.


      What will be the cost of studying in Monaco?

      With the high cost of living in Monaco, tuition fees are also really high as compared to other European countries. In Monaco, the cost of studying depends on the program you choose to study. Usually, it starts from around $8000 per academic session.

      However, the International University of Monaco charges about €10, 500 per session for undergraduate courses.


      Universities in Monaco

      International University of Monaco (IUM) is the only university in Monaco. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in business and business administration.

      Fee Structure:

      For Bachelor of business administration:

      • €11,500 per year for first-year students
      • €12,000 for the second- and third-year students
      • €14,000 for the second- and third-year honors students

      For MSC in luxury management:

      • It will cost €23,550 for complete program

      For MSC in marketing luxury goods and services:

      • It will cost €23,550 for a full program

      For MSC in finance: 

      • It will cost approximately €21,550 for a full course

      For MSC in international management:

      • It will cost about €21,550 for a full program

      For the MBA program:

      • It will cost €37,500 for the complete course

      For the DBA program:

      • It will cost €42,500 for a 3-year program

      For MSC in sports business management:

      • It will cost about €21,550 for a full course.


      Is Monaco a safe place?

      Monaco is an extremely safe state. It is a crime-free location. There are cameras everywhere, and any mess may cause an instant reaction and the presence of many officers.



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