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    Moldova is a tiny landlocked country in Europe with an area of only 13,050 square miles. In Moldova, Chisinau is a capital city and home of the majority of universities.

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      The educational system of Moldova provides a high quality of education due to this every year international students from all over the world choose Moldova for their higher education. Initially, you need to know to enter Moldova whether you need a visa or not.


      Who Does Not Need a Visa to enter Moldova?

      If you belong to any of the following countries, then you can enter Moldova without a visa for a stay of up to 90-days during 6-months.

      • European Union  
      • EFTA citizens 
      • Albania 
      • Andorra 
      • Antigua 
      • Barbuda
      • Argentina 
      • Armenia 
      • Australia 
      • Azerbaijan 
      • Bahamas
      • Barbados 
      • Belarus 
      • Bosnia 
      • Herzegovina 
      • Brazil 
      • Brunei
      • Canada 
      • Chile 
      • Colombia 
      • Costa Rica 
      • Cuba
      • Dominica 
      • Ecuador 
      • El Salvador 
      • Georgia 
      • Grenada
      • Guatemala 
      • Honduras 
      • Hong Kong 
      • Israel 
      • Japan
      • Kazakhstan 
      • Kiribati 
      • Kyrgyzstan 
      • Macau 
      • Malaysia
      • Marshall Islands 
      • Mauritius 
      • Mexico 
      • Micronesia 
      • Monaco
      • Montenegro 
      • New Zealand 
      • Nicaragua 
      • North Macedonia 
      • Palau
      • Panama 
      • Paraguay 
      • Peru 
      • Russia 
      • San Marino
      • Saint Kitts and Nevis 
      • Saint Lucia 
      • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 
      • Samoa 
      • Serbia
      • Seychelles 
      • Singapore 
      • Solomon Islands 
      • South Korea 
      • Tajikistan
      • Timor-Leste 
      • Tonga 
      • Trinidad and Tobago 
      • Turkey 
      • Tuvalu
      • Ukraine 
      • United Arab Emirates 
      • United States 
      • Uruguay 
      • Uzbekistan
      • Vanuatu 
      • Vatican City 
      • Venezuela

      If you have a diplomatic passport issued by any of the following:

      • China
      • Indonesia
      • Iran
      • Qatar 
      • Turkmenistan 
      • Vietnam

      Note that if you have a valid Schengen Visa or a long-stay Visa or a Residence Permit issued by an EU country, you can also enter Moldova without a visa.


      Who needs a Visa to Enter Moldova?

      If you are from any of the following countries, then you need a Visa to enter Moldova.

      • Democratic Republic of Congo 
      • Côte d’Ivoire 
      • Egypt
      • Eritrea 
      • Ghana 
      • Indonesia 
      • Jordan 
      • Iran
      • Iraq 
      • Lebanon 
      • Liberia 
      • Libya 
      • Mali
      • Mauritania 
      • Morocco 
      • Niger 
      • Nigeria 
      • North Korea
      • Pakistan 
      • Palestine 
      • Sierra Leone 
      • Somalia 
      • South Sudan
      • Sudan 
      • Syria 
      • Tunisia Afghanistan 
      • Algeria 
      • Bangladesh 
      • Burkina Faso 
      • Cameroon
      • Chad 
      • Congo 
      • Turkmenistan 
      • Yemen


      How to get a Moldova Study Visa?

      The Republic of Moldova issues different types of visas. If you wish to study in Moldova, you have to get a Moldova Study Visa or a Long-Stay Visa (Type D).

      Through this, you can apply for a Residence Permit, which will enable you to stay longer than 90-days until you complete your studies.


      Documents Required for a Moldova Study Visa or Long-Stay Visa are:

      1. Completed Application Form

      2. Valid Passport or Travel Document

      3. Passport-size colored photo 

      4. Travel Health Insurance document 

      5. Police Clearance Certificate

      6. Evidence that shows enough funds 

      7. Letter of confirmation from the Educational Institution of Moldova 

      Note that you can also fill our Assessment Form. Click Here Moldova Study Visa Form to begin the process.


      What will be the Cost of Study in Moldova?

      It is one of the low-cost countries in the world to obtain your degree. Usually, the cost of studies in Moldova depends on the type of subjects and the institute you choose. Typically, it will cost approximately 1,000 to 5,000 USD per year.


      Top 5 Cheap Universities of Moldova

      Some famous educational institutions in Moldova that offer high-quality education with reasonable educational fees.

      1. Moldova State University

      2. Free International University of Moldova

      3. Technical University of Moldova

      4. Academy of Economic Studies from Moldova

      5. Moldova State University of Medicine and Pharmacy

      Do you want to get Moldova Work Permit? Click Here Moldova Work Visa Information to see details.


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