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    Mauritius Student Visa

    Mauritius is one of the most developed economies in Africa and is full of opportunities for skillful people and students.

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      Mauritius is an island country with strong economic development situated in Eastern Africa. English is the official language of Mauritius, but it is a multilingual nation. The most widely used language here is Creole, followed by French and English.

      In recent years, Mauritius has attracted students from different countries to stay here and gain higher education. It is an ideal destination for study due to its high standard of education, affordable living costs, and a safe environment. 

      If you want to study abroad, Mauritius can easily be the country you can go for. But to study in Mauritius, you need to have a Mauritius Student Visa. 


      Who is eligible for a Mauritius Student Visa?

      Citizens from any country are eligible for the Mauritius Student Visa. However, they should be enrolled in any undergraduate, masters, MPhil, or doctoral level courses (full-time or part-time) in one of the registered institutions. The registered institutions are categorized as: 

      • Any institutions or universities registered with the Tertiary Education Commission (Mauritius Higher Education Commission)
      • Any TVET (Technical and Vocational Educational and Training) institution registered with the Mauritius Qualifications Authority

      Along with these, any student coming to Mauritius on an exchange program with universities are also eligible for the study visa. But the exchange program should not be more than one year. 


      How to apply for the Mauritius Student Visa?

      The first step would be to secure admission in one of the registered institution categories mentioned above. After you have successfully enrolled, your visa application should be submitted by your institution. 

      The visa application should be made to the Passport and Immigration Office of Mauritius. However, you need to complete some documents for the Mauritius Student Visa.


      Documents Required for Mauritius Student Visa

      You need the following documents to get a student visa:

      1. Two of your recent passport size photographs.

      2. Valid passport

      3. Proof or letter of admission from a registered institution (with Tertiary Education Commission or TVET)

      4. Details about the course you have enrolled for, and verification from the Tertiary Education Commission or Mauritius Qualifications Authority indicate whether the enrolled course is part-time or full time.

      5. Proof of sufficient funds that you can afford the fee and living costs (A bank statement can work). 

      6. A medical certificate is ensuring that you do not have any harmful disease.

      7. A filled Student Visa Application Form

      If you are below 18 years of age, you need to have these additional documents attached to the application:

      • A Signed consent form of your guardian or parent.
      • A copy of your parent or guardian’s passport
      • A scanned copy of your birth certificate


      Processing Time for Mauritius Student Visa

      Normally, it takes 14 to 20 days to process the visa.


      Cost for Mauritius Student Visa

      The total cost of Mauritius Student Visa depends on your selected institution, courses, and education level. However, the average cost for different courses can range from 1500 to 15000 USD per year.

      Note that this cost does not include the visa fee and residence fee.


      What will be the cost of living in Mauritius?

      The living expenses in Mauritius are affordable as compared to most European countries. 


      Top Universities in Mauritius

      If you are going to study in Mauritius, you must know the best universities in the country. Some of the best universities in Mauritius are:

      • Amity Global Business School    
      • Aberystwyth University    
      • Middlesex University
      • Rushmore Business School
      • University Of Mauritius

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