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    Maldives Student Visa

    Studying in the Maldives has its distinctive advantages. Here, you have a variety of subjects to choose, i.e., engineering, health science, education, tourism, and management.

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      The Maldives is an island nation in South Asia with an area of only 298 sq km. It is a geographically distinctive state and is one of the safest places to study and live with a best-quality education system. Besides its high quality of education, some extraordinary things will make you surprise. In the Maldives, the first university was established in 2011.  

      It is a land known for its tremendous locations. By studying in the Maldives, you will have plenty of fascinating natural spots to explore, and you will get familiar with different cultures as it is a blend of multiple cultures. Maldivian Rufiyaa is the official currency of Maldives. If you want to study in the Maldives, you need to apply for a Maldives Student Visa.


      What is a Maldives Student Visa?

      Everyone who wants to study in the Maldives needs to apply for a Maldives Student Visa. It is a type of permit that will allow you to remain in the Maldives for a specified period. Before applying for a Maldives Student Visa, you must have an acceptance letter from the selected educational institution in the Maldives. 

      Once you get a Maldives Student Visa, you will be able to study and live in the Maldives for up to one academic year. You will need to renew your student visa to continue your study period.

      Note that you are not allowed to work with a student visa in the Maldives.


      What will be the eligibility to get a Maldives Student Visa?

      To study in the Maldives, you must have a guardian in the Maldives. Your Guardian in the Maldives has to submit a letter to the Immigration that stating:

      • Intention to study in the Maldives
      • Act as a guardian of the applicant
      • Type of subject you choose to study


      What will be the requirements for a Maldives Student Visa?

      You must have the following documents to get a Maldives Student Visa.

      1. A Completed IM23 Application Form

      2. Passport-size photo

      3. A passport or a Travel document (with the validity of up to 6-months)

      4. An acceptance letter from the chosen university in the Maldives

      5. Health insurance document for up to a length of your stay in the Maldives

      6. A report that shows Medical status

      7. Marital status (If any)

      8. Your academic documents

      9. Proof that shows accommodation in the Maldives

      10. Evidence that shows enough financial funds for your whole study period in the Maldives

      11. Documentation that confirms the payment of a visa fee

       Note that you need to apply for a Maldives Student Visa at the nearest Embassy or consultant.


      What will be the cost of a Maldives Student Visa?

      The cost of a Maldives Student Visa varies from country to country.


      Is it expensive to live in the Maldives?

      It is quite expensive to live in Maldives. You can expect to pay at least 1500 USD in a month if you want a proper two-bedroom apartment.


      Universities in the Maldives

      The Maldives National University is one of the top-rated universities in the world. Offers a plethora of study programs to choose with the best teaching quality.


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