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    Liechtenstein Study Visa

    Liechtenstein is the sixth smallest country in the world. It is a doubly landlocked country with one of the highest GDP in the world.

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      German is the official language of Liechtenstein. It is growingly becoming a popular choice for international students.

      If you are considering it for your higher education, then it is the best choice.


      Why Study in Liechtenstein?

      Liechtenstein provides a high quality of education and a unique learning environment with an affordable education fee. There are following reasons to study in Liechtenstein:

      1. High Standard of Education

      It provides a high standard of education. The degrees secured from the institutions of Liechtenstein are acknowledged all over the world. 

      2. Experience diversity of cultures

      Liechtenstein is a community of different cultures. So here, you can explore different cultures.

      3. Public Transport

      It owns a large and fully developed network of public transport, which is well-organized and cheap and has a safe environment. 

      4. Expectations of Satisfactory Job

      Studying in Liechtenstein can improve your job development plan because it has a low unemployment rate.

      5. Cheap Educational fee and Living cost

      The educational fee and cost of living in Liechtenstein are less expensive rather than in other European countries. 


      How to get a Liechtenstein Study Visa?

      In order to study in Liechtenstein, you may or may not need a Liechtenstein Study Visa. There are two Liechtenstein Study Visa Conditions.

      • For EU/EEA and Swiss Citizens

      If you are from EU/EEA and Switzerland, then there is no need to apply for the Liechtenstein Study Visa. But you have to get a short-term residency permit. It is issued by the immigration and passport office. In this case, you can get a temporary residence in Liechtenstein for your study. 

      • For Non-EU/EEA Countries

      If you are from non-EU/EEA countries, then you have to apply for a Liechtenstein Study Visa.


      Note that Lichtenstein and Switzerland have the same entry requirements. And if you want a visa, then you have to submit an application to the Swiss representation in your native country. The Swiss authorities will process your request.


      Documents required for the Liechtenstein Study Visa

      You have to submit the following documents to get a Liechtenstein Study Visa.

      1. Valid passport

      2. Completed visa application form

      3. Four passport-size photos

      4. Acceptance letter from the educational institution in Liechtenstein 

      5. The bank statement that shows financial resources 

      6. The receipt showing you have paid the full course fees

      7. Document of Health Insurance

      8. Copy of your Birth certificate

      9. Return ticket after completing studies

      10. Evidence of accommodation in the country

      11. Birth certificate copy

       You can also fill our Assessment Form of Liechtenstein Study Visa.

      What will be Processing Time?

      Its processing time is longer as compared to most countries. It will usually take between 6-8 weeks. 


      Can you Work in Liechtenstein during your studies?

      You are allowed to work up to 35% during your studies only if you are a citizen of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. From mid-July to late September, you are allowed to work up to 100% during your semester break. 

      But if you are a citizen of Non-EU/EEA and Swiss, then you are allowed to work only in case if it is related to your study course. For this, you need a confirmation letter written by the Director of Studies in Liechtenstein.


      Accommodation for students in Liechtenstein 

      In Liechtenstein, the most usual accommodation option for you is to live in the residence provided by the chosen institution. In this way, you can communicate with many other students. 

      Another option is to find private accommodation in Liechtenstein through the property dealer.


      What will be the cost of studying in Liechtenstein?

      The educational fee in Liechtenstein depends on the course and Institution you choose to study. But the cost of study at the public university of Liechtenstein is CHF 850 per semester, which is approximately US 873.63$.


      What will be the Cost of living in Liechtenstein?

      It will cost you almost $15,000 per year, including accommodation, food, and other expenses.


      Do you want to see the requirements for Liechtenstein Work Visa? Click Here Liechtenstein Work Visa to see the details.


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