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      Laos is a landlocked Asian country, known for its thick and scenic forests. So, If you love to explore nature, Laos is an ideal study destination for you. Here, you can experience alluring life and some of the scenic waterfalls along with your studies. Kip is the local currency in Laos. Here, you will have a well-studied environment with warm and friendly locals. It is the land of some of the cheapest universities in the world. The official language of Laos is Laotian.

      If you are considering Laos as your study abroad destination, the first thing you need to do is to apply for a Laos Study Visa.


      What is a Laos Study Visa?

      If you want to study and live in Laos, you need to apply for a Laos Study Visa (ST-B2 Class Visa). It is issued for multiple entries and allows you to stay in the state for more than a year or until your course of study as it can be renewed year by year. Before applying for a study visa, you need to have an acceptance letter from the chosen Laos educational institution.

      Note that the nationals of several countries are allowed to enter Laos without a visa for a specified period.


      What will be the requirements for a Laos Study Visa?

      You need to fulfil the following requirements to apply for a  Laos Study Visa.

      1. A passport or a travel document with at least six-month validity

      2. A Completed Laos Study Visa Application Form 

      3. Passport-size photo

      4. Proof that shows accommodation in Laos for your entire stay 

      5. A confirmation letter of registration from Laos recognized educational institution

      6. Evidence that shows enough financial funds to support your stay (i.e., a bank statement)

      7. An acceptance letter from the Laos educational institution

      8. All the academic documents or transcript

      9. Medical insurance document

      10. Marital status (If applicable)

      11. Proof of visa fee payment

      Note that if you want to stay in Laos for a short stay, you will need to apply for a Laos Tourist Visa.


      What will be the cost of a Laos Study Visa?

      The standard fee for a Laos visa is about USD 30, although the cost of a Laos visa varies from country to country.


      What will be the processing time of a Laos Study Visa?

      The processing time of a Laos visa is not fixed; it depends on your nationality and the Laos embassy where you are applying for a visa.


      What will be the cost of living in Laos?

      Laos is one of the less expensive countries. For a well-furnished one-bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay around USD 470 in a month.


      What are the top 5 Cheapest Universities to study in Laos?

      Where should you study in Laos? The following are some of the affordable universities in Laos to consider.

      1. Rattana Business Administration College (Tuition fee of $756 per year)

      2. Savannakhet University (Tuition fee of $903 per year)

      3. National University of Laos (Tuition fee of up to $1,530 per year)

      4. Souphanouvong University (Tuition fee of about $1,270 per year)

      5. Lao-Korean College (Fee for a course is about $1,320 per year)

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