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    Kosovo Study Visa

    Kosovo is a country in Southeastern Europe. In Kosovo, you will find a more moderate style of living than in many other European countries.

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      We will guide you with everything about Kosovo if you are considering it for your higher education.

      Why study in Kosovo?

      For the past few years, the education system of Kosovo has been developing rapidly. Students are now choosing Kosovo as a destination country for their higher education. Study in Kosovo is a peculiar thing to do with your life. 


      How to get a Kosovo Study Visa?

      The first thing you need to have for studying in Kosovo is a Study Visa. According to the policy of Kosovo's visa, all travellers need to get a permit from the closest diplomatic mission of Kosovo.

      When you are applying for a student visa, then it is essential to have an invitation letter from a chosen university of Kosovo.

      On your arrival in Kosovo, the first thing you have to do for studying in Kosovo is to apply for the Temporary Stay Permit. A U.K staff and study abroad advisor will guide you with all of the paperwork and requirements. It will take approximately 4 - 5 weeks to process, and after this, you will get your temporary stay ID card.


      What will be the Cost of a Kosovo Study Visa?

      You will be happy to know that the cost of the study visa is quite less as compared to other countries. It will be approximately USD 57.00 to get your Kosova Study Visa.


      What will be the validity of the Kosovo Study Visa?

      The maximum duration of Kosovo Study Visa is up to one year. 


      What will be the Processing time for Kosovo Study Visa?

      The Kosovo Study Visa processing time will be around 15-16 days. 


      What will be the Cost of Living for Students?

      Life is not very expensive in Kosovo. You should expect to spend an average of 300 euros monthly. It includes the cost of living, eating, and transport.


      Documents required to apply for Kosovo Study permit

      You will require the following documents to be completed before applying for the Kosovo Study Visa.    

       1. Valid Passport

       2. Bank account statement indicating you have sufficient funds

       3. Educational documents/certificates

       4. Police Clearance Certificate

       5. Recent passport photo (no older than one month)

       6. Health certificate (Confirmation of medical insurance)

       7. Proof showing the payment of Visa application fee (students who are 24 years old or older)

       Note that all the required documents must be submitted in two copies.

       You can also fill our Kosovo Study Visa Application Form. Click Here to begin the process.


      Top 9 Universities in Kosovo

      To study in Kosovo, you need to know which institutes are offering a higher level of education. The following are some of the universities where you can study:

       1. University of Pristina

       2. University of Prizren

       3. Haxhi Zeka University of Pec

       4. European Vision University

       5. American University in Kosovo

       6. Iliria Royal University

       7. AAB Riinvest University

       8. University for Business and Technology

       9. Universum University


      Important Information about Kosovo Study Visa

      • You will need to show that you are financially stable to live in Kosovo and can support yourself in different situations.
      • For international students, Kosovo does not provide health insurance.
      • If your visa is rejected, then you can file a complaint within eight calendar days to the corresponding consular mission where you have applied first.


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