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    Japan Student Visa

    Every year Japan's high educational standards and rich cultural heritage attract millions of students from all over the world.

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      Japan is a place of innovation and creativity. It is one of the safest countries in the world and also has one of the world's most advanced healthcare systems. By studying in Japan, you will have a plethora of job opportunities. Tuition fees are comparatively cheap in Japan. A wide range of scholarship programs is offered to international students from the university as well as from public and private organisations. 

      It is a land of some of the world-class universities, innovative ideas, and unique cultural heritage. If you want to boost your career, Japan is a perfect study abroad destination for you. By studying in Japan, it will broaden your vision, and you will experience a new culture.

      The educational institutions of Japan provide a high quality of education and also help you to develop soft skills such as cultural awareness, versatility, perseverance, and calmness, all these attributes will help you in the workplace. If you choose to study in Japan, it will increase your career opportunities. 

      To study in Japan, the first thing you need to get a Japanese Student Visa.


      Who needs a Japan Student Visa?

      If you want to study in Japan and you are a national of one of the following Japan Visa exemption countries, you do not need to get a student visa if your course of study is not more than 90-days. You only need to have a passport to enter Japan. 

      All European Union states
      Brunei (with a stay of up to 15 days)
      Costa Rica
      Dominican Republic
      El Salvador
      Hong Kong
      New Zealand
      North Macedonia
      San Marino
      Thailand (for a stay of up to 15 days)
      United Kingdom
      United States

      Note that everyone who wants to study in Japan for longer than 90-days will need to apply for a student visa.


      How to get a Japan Student Visa?

      If you want to study in Japan, you need to apply for a Japan Student Visa (Long Stay Visa). It will allow you to remain in the stay for longer than 90 days or until your course of study.

      Before applying for a Japan Student Visa, you must have a Certificate of Eligibility. The immigration office issues it at the request of the university you choose to study. The chosen institute in Japan also sends you an acceptance letter. Still, the certificate of eligibility is the only document that is accepted by the visa issuance authority as valid proof. Once the Certificate of Eligibility is issued, the educational institution will send it to you.

      After you arrive in Japan with a student visa, you will be issued a Residence Card at the airport or by mail at your accommodation in Japan. You will also need to register your details to the office of the local authority within 14 days after your arrival.


      Requirements for a Japan Student Visa

      You will need to have the following required documents to get a Japan Student Visa.

      1. Completed Japan Student Visa Application Form

      2. A Valid passport

      3. Passport-size photo

      4. Certificate of Eligibility

      5. Photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility

      6. Proof that shows enough financial funds for your whole stay.

      The chosen institution also has to submit the following documents.

      • A letter of guarantee
      • A letter stating the reason for the invitation
      • Overview of the Organization

      Note that all the requirements depend on your nationality and circumstances. 

      Cost of a Japan Student Visa

      It will cost you about 3,000 yen for a single entry, and 6,000 yen for a double-entry or multiple-entry. 


      Processing time for a Japan Student Visa

      The processing time for a Japan Student Visa is about six months.


      Can you work in Japan during your studies?

      If you arrive in Japan on a student visa, you can apply for permission to do part-time work. In that case, you need a letter of guarantee from someone in Japan and fees of about 4,000 yen.

      Once the permission is approved, you can work for up to 28 hours a week during the study, and for up to 8 hours a day during vacations. 


      The Top 8 Best Universities in Japan

      Where should you study in Japan? Here is the list of some of the top-rated universities in the world.

      1. Osaka University

      2. Tokyo Institute of Technology

      3. Tohoku University

      4. Nagoya University

      5. Hokkaido University

      6. Kyushu University

      7. Waseda University

      8. Keio University

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