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    Hong Kong is not only an alluring visitor destination but also a center of education where people from worldwide come to study.

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      Hong Kong is known for its research and innovation fields. It is home to some of the best universities in the world with a distinctive and well-developed education system. Every year its high quality of education attracts students from all around the world for their higher education.

      It is extremely innovative with a fusion of Western and Eastern cultures. It is an Asian economic power and a perfect choice for a study destination for any international student. 

      Before you plan to study in Hong Kong, you need to apply for a Hong Kong Study Visa.


      How to get a Hong Kong Study Visa?

      If you want to study in Hong Kong, you will need to have a Hong Kong Study Visa. It will allow you to enter the state for study purposes with a stay of longer than 90-days or until your study period. Before applying for a Hong Kong Study Visa, you need to obtain an acceptance letter from the selected educational institution in Hong Kong. In that case, you also need to nominate a local sponsor, which can either be the educational institution or an individual. You also need to provide the following documents to your Sponsor in Hong Kong. 

      1. Sponsor being the education institution

      • Completed Application form for Study in Hong Kong (Application Form ID995B)
      • Commitment by the Sponsor to provide accommodation to the applicant during the period of study

      2. Sponsor being an individual

      If your Sponsor is an individual in Hong Kong, you will need to provide the following documents along with the mentioned above documents.

      • Hong Kong identity card of the Sponsor 
      • Travel document of the Sponsor (It any non-permanent resident)
      • Proof that shows Sponsor’s financial stability 


      What will be the requirements for a Hong Kong Study Visa?

      You will need to have the following documents to get a Hong Kong Study Visa.

      1. Completed Hong Kong Study Visa Application (Application Form ID995A)

      2. Passport size photograph 

      3. A Valid travel document or a passport

      4. An acceptance letter from the education institution in Hong Kong

      5. The authorization of the Sponsor by your guardian 

      6. Proof of accommodation in Hong Kong 

      7. A bank statement that shows enough financial funds


      What will be the processing time for a Hong Kong Study Visa?

      It will normally take about six weeks for a Hong Kong Study Visa processing.


      Can you extend the Hong Kong Study Visa?

      Usually, the validity of your study visa is as long as your study program. But if your duration of stay is shorter than the duration of your study program, you can apply for a visa extension at least 4-weeks before of your visa expiry.

      You need to submit the following documents at the Hong Kong Immigration Department for a visa extension. 

      1. Completed Visa Extension Application Form

      2. Valid passport or travel document

      3. A Testimonial issued by Registry of EdUHK 


      The Top 5 Best Universities in Hong Kong

      Where to study in Hong Kong? Here is the list of the highly ranked universities in Hong kong.

      1. University of Hong Kong

      2. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

      3. Chinese University of Hong Kong

      4. City University of Hong Kong

      5. Hong Kong Polytechnic University


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