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    Guyana Student Visa

    If you love to explore untouched nature and stunning wildlife, Guyana is an incredible place for you to study abroad.

    Table of Contents

      Guyana is a state in South America, known for its well-structured educational system and a place of thick rainforest, astonishing coastal shores, and appealing architecture. It is an English-speaking state. Here, you will comfortably accommodate and involved in the marvellous culture and learning experiences. Along with the best education, you can also adventure its alluring natural beauty and magnificent waterfalls and rivers. If you are planning to study in Guyana, you need to apply for a Guyana Student Visa.

      How to get a Guyana Student Visa?

      Everyone who wants to study in Guyana needs to apply for a Guyana Student Visa. It is valid for up to 3 years, and it can be renewed. It will allow you to remain in the state for up to the period of the study course. Before applying for a student visa, you must have an acceptance letter from a chosen educational institution in Guyana.

      Please note that the nationals of various states are allowed to enter Guyana without a visa for a specific period.

      What will be the requirements for a Guyana Student Visa?

      To get a Guyana Student Visa, you must have the following documents.

      1. A Completed Guyana Student Visa Application Form

      2. Valid passport

      3. Two passport size pictures

      4. Proof of accommodation in Guyana 

      5. Evidence that shows enough financial means to support your whole stay in Guyana

      6. An acceptance letter from an educational institution in Guyana

      7. Academic certificates or transcript or diplomas

      8. Proof that shows a payment of the visa fee

      9. Health insurance document

      10. Criminal record from the native state

      What will be the cost of a Guyana Student Visa?

      The cost of a student visa for Guyana is about €130.

      What will be the processing time for a Guyana Student Visa?

      The processing time usually depends on the type of Guyana embassy where you are applying for a visa.


      Who can get a Guyana Visa on Arrival?

      1. If you are a national of Bolivia and the United Arab Emirates, you can get Guyana Short-Term Visa On Arrival.

      2. If you are from a state where you cannot access a Guyana Embassy, you are eligible for a Guyana Student Visa On Arrival. You must have an approval letter to study in Guyana. To get approval, you need to submit the following documents to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

      • A document stating the contact information of the educational institution in Guyana
      • Address of accommodation in Guyana 
      • An acceptance letter from the chosen educational institution in Guyana
      • Proof that shows financial stability to cover your study period in Guyana


      What will be the cost of studying in Guyana?

      You will be happy to know that the cost of studying in Guyana is pretty less as compared to many other states. It usually ranges from US$5,192 to US$8,437.


      Some of the Best Universities in Guyana

      Where should you study in Guyana? The following are some of the outclass universities in Guyana to study.

      • Texila American University
      • University of Guyana
      • Lincoln American University
      • American International School of Medicine
      • GreenHeart Medical University
      • Alexander American University School Of Medicine


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