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    Greece Student Visa

    If you want to study Engineering, Greece is the right place for you as it creates some of the best technocrats in the world.

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      Greece is a cultivated and persistent republic with a modernistic economy. It is well-known for its scholars, mathematicians and philosophers. 

      Along with the high quality of education, Greece is an excellent place to live, and you can also explore the fascinating historical spots of the state. If you choose Greece for your higher education, it will be a great decision professionally for you. By studying in Greece, you will procure the framework needed for a successful professional future.

      If you want to study in Greece, the first thing you need to check whether you need a student visa or not.


      Who does not need a Greece Student Visa?

      As you may already know, Greece is a part of the Schengen Agreement. So, it allows residents of EU/EEA to live, study and work in the state without a visa or work permit. 

      But if you are a resident of any Non-EU/EEA country, you need to require a student visa if you want to study in Greece.

      Check the list of countries who do not need a visa to enter Greece.


      How to get a Greece Student Visa?

      As you may know, Greece is one of the Schengen Area countries. So, if you are a citizen of Non-EU/EEA and want to study in Greece, all you need is to apply for a Long-Term Schengen Visa or a Greece Student Visa or Type D Visa. It will allow you to enter the state for study purposes with a stay of more than 90 days and it will cost about €90.

      Before applying for a Greece Student Visa, you must have an acceptance letter from any Greece university.

      After you arrive in Greece, you need to apply for a residence permit within 40 days. It will allow you to remain in the state for a year or as long as your study period. You need the following documents to obtain a residence permit.

      1. Completed application form for a Residence Permit

      2. Passport-size photo

      3. Medical certificate

      4. A receipt of the Residence Permit Fee payment 

      5. Medical Insurance Certificate

      6. Registration letter from any Greece institution

      7. A Bank statement that shows enough financial means 

      Note that the International Office guides all the students for the issuance and renewal of the residence permits.


      What will be the requirements for a Greece Student Visa?

      You will need to have the following documents to get a Greece Student Visa or a Type D visa.

      1. Completed Greece Student Visa Application Form

      2. Passport-size photo

      3. A Passport should be valid 

      4. A cover letter that shows the purpose of the stay

      5. Acceptance Letter from the institution in Greece

      6. Proof that shows sufficient funds 

      7. A Receipt of Enrollment fee payment 

      8. Academic Certificates 

      9. Medical Insurance valid for all Schengen countries 

      10. Criminal Record from the native country

      11. Medical Certificate

      Note that all the required documents must be translated into either in Greek or English.


      What will be the living cost for a Student in Greece?

      The cost of living in Greece is reasonably less. Usually, the cost of living depends on the location but if you choose to live in a city, you need to pay about $600 a month.


      What will be studying cost in Greece?

      If you are from any Non-EU country, every year you have to pay a tuition fee of around 1500€ for all study programs.


      The 5 Top Universities in Greece

      Where to study in Greece? Here is the list of one of the best universities in Greece according to the International ranking.

      1. University of Crete

      2. Athens University of Economics and Business

      3. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

      4. University of Ioannina

      5. University of Patras


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