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    Egypt Study Visa

    Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations and it is home to some of the globally recognized universities.

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      It is a country in northeast Africa, known for its astonishing ancient monuments. Its high quality of education and low living and studying costs attracts students from all over the world. 

      Egypt is a land of tremendous achievements. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt, with some of the well-known educational institutions. Studying in Egypt is an opportunity to explore its colourful culture, vibrant cities, and some of its most important historical sites. 

      If you want to study in Egypt, you will have to obtain an Egypt Study Visa.


      What is an Egypt Study Visa?

      If you want to enter Egypt for study purposes, you need to apply for an Egypt Study Visa. It will allow you to study and live in the state until your course of study. Before applying for a study visa, you must have an acceptance letter from your chosen educational institution in Egypt. The process and requirements of the Egypt Study Visa vary from country to country.


      What will be the requirements for an Egypt Study Visa?

      You will need to have the following requirements to get an Egypt Study Visa.

      1. A Completed Egypt Study Visa Application Form

      2. Two passport-size pictures 

      3. Valid passport or travel document

      4. Proof of accommodation in Egypt for your whole stay

      5. A letter of invitation from the Egypt educational institution 

      6. Evidence that shows a payment of the visa fee

      7. All the academic documents or diplomas

      8. Marital status (If any)

      9. A bank statement that shows enough financial funds to support your stay

      10. A Criminal record certificate from your native state

      11. A health insurance document

      12. Confirmation of your registered course of study in the Egypt educational institution 

      Note that the payment of visa fee must be in cash or by postal order only. And, all the documents must be scanned and certified. 


      What will be the cost of an Egypt Study Visa?

      The cost of an Egypt Study Visa varies from country to country and depends on your nationality, but usually, the Egypt visa costs about US$15 to US$91.


      Who needs pre-clearance to apply for an Egypt visa?

      If you are from one of the following nations, you must have a pre-clearance from the Egyptian State Security Authorities before applying for a visa.

      • Iran
      • Iraq
      • Kazakhstan
      • Kosovo
      • Lebanon
      • Mauritania
      • Somalia
      • Sri Lanka
      • Syria
      • Yemen


      Who can stay in Egypt for up to 90-days without a visa?

      Nationals of the following states are eligible to remain in the country for up to 90 days without a visa.

      • Bahrain
      • Hong Kong
      • Kuwait
      • Lebanon

      What is the cost of study in Egypt?

      The cost of studying and living in Egypt is considerably lesser than in many other countries. In Egypt, you can expect to spend about $7,000 to $14,000 for a degree program.


      The 7 Cheapest Universities in Egypt

      Where should you study in Egypt? Check out the list of some of the cheapest universities in Egypt.

      1. The American University of Cairo 

      2. Mansoura University

      3. German University in Cairo 

      4. Benha University 

      5. Arab Academy for Sciences, Technology, and Maritime Transport 

      6. Misr University for Science and Technology 

      7. Modern Sciences and Arts Academy 

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