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    Cyprus Study Visa

    Every year several foreigners choose to take admission in Cyprus educational institutions as it offers higher education in a well, the interethnic environment at an affordable cost.

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      Cyprus is a country in the Eastern Mediterranean with affordable study programmes and high living standards.  It is absolutely the best option to consider Cyprus for Higher education. In Cyprus, you will enjoy a sturdy environment with cross-cultural society. 


      Why study in Cyprus?

      There are various reasons to choose Cyprus for your higher education.

      1. High Success Rate

      2. Affordable fee structure

      3. Attractive places to visit and explore

      4. Superior quality education

      5. Provide globally recognized Degrees 

      6. Experience the diversity of cultures

      7. Offers scholarship programs (covers up to 40% of tuition fee)

      8. Job opportunities in the global marketplace

      10. Studying in Cyprus will be a unique experience of your life

      Keep in mind if you want to study in Cyprus, the first thing you need to check whether you need a study visa or not. 


      Who does not need a Cyprus Study Visa?

      Cyprus is a part of the European Union, which means that all other EU and EFTA nationals are allowed to visit, study, and work in Cyprus without a visa. 

      But if you are not a resident of any EU/EFTA country, you will need to apply for a study visa.


      How to get a Cyprus Study Visa?

      If you are a resident of any Non-EU country, all you need to apply for a Cyprus Study Visa (Long-stay visa or type D), it is usually issued for a long stay in Cyprus, and it will cost around € 60. You have to apply for a study visa 2 to 3 months before your travel to Cyprus.

      Before applying for a Cyprus Study Visa, you must have an acceptance letter from any Cyprus institute.

      You also need a Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit. So, after you arrive in Cyprus on a study visa, you have to apply for a Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit at the Cyprus Migration Department. It allows you to legally live and study in Cyprus for up to a year or until your study period. You also have to pay charges for a Cyprus residence permit.

      To obtain a Cyprus Temporary Residence Permit, you will need to submit the following documents to the Migration Department in Cyprus:

      • Completed Temporary Residence Permit Application Form
      • Cyprus study visa
      • Medical examination document
      • Letter of Acceptance 
      • Proof that shows accommodation in Cyprus
      • Health insurance in Cyprus
      • A copy of your Valid passport

      Note that the study visa which you obtain before your arrival to Cyprus is just an entry visa to Cyprus for study purposes, but it is not the entire requirement you need to study in Cyprus.


      What will be the requirements for a Cyprus Study Visa?

      You have the following documents to get a study visa for Cyprus.

      1. Completed Cyprus Study Visa Application Form

      2. Valid Passport

      3. Passport-sized pictures (Four)

      4. Acceptance letter from the Cyprus educational institution

      5. Academic qualifications certificates 

      6. Proof that shows sufficient financial means 

      7. Police clearance document 

      8. Travel health insurance document

      9. Health insurance in Cyprus (After arrival)

      Please note that your educational institution is responsible for informing you about all the documents you have to submit and guide you about the application process.


      What will be the processing time for a Cyprus Study Visa?

      Usually, it will take about a month for visa processing.


      Can you work during your Studies in Cyprus?

      Yes, you are allowed to work in Cyprus during your study period, but you can only work for up to 20 hours in a week, and it will be only applicable after your six-month stay in the state. You also need to have a work contract and submit it to a District Employment Office for acceptance. 


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