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    Chile Student Visa

    Chile is home to some of the superlative universities in Latin America. Chile is located in south-west South America.

    Table of Contents

      Chile is recognized for its education, research, and innovations. It is gently becoming a leading study destination for international students. It is a beautiful state with a highly organized educational system and numerous self-development opportunities. 

      Why study in Chile?

      It is one of the destinations that promise growth. There are several reasons to choose Chile as your study destination.

      1. High quality of education

      Chile is a territory of one of the best education systems. Here, you will have a wide range of courses to study, i.e., history, long-term development, geography, political science, business, geology, science, and a lot more.

      2. Congenial and warm environment

      The locals of Chile are friendly and helpful, and it is one of the reasons to choose Chile as a study abroad.

      3. Affordable cost of living

      Chile is an incredible place to live and study at a reasonable cost.

      4. Scholarship programs

      Every year the Chilean government offers a lot of scholarship programs for international students. 

      To study in Chile, you need to apply for a Chile Student Visa.


      How to get a Chile Student Visa?

      If you want to study in Chile, you need to apply for a Chile Student Visa. It will allow you to remain in the state for longer than 90 days. Before applying for a student visa, you must have an acceptance letter from the concerned educational institution in Chile. 

      In case your course of study is not longer than 90-days, you can apply for a Chile Tourist Visa. The nationals of various states are allowed to stay in Chile for up to 90-days without a visa.

      Once you arrive in Chile with a student visa, you need to register your visa at the Policía De Investigaciones De Chile (PDI). After registration, you have to go to the Registro Civil with the proof of enrollment at the PDI to get your Chilean ID number.

      Note that: You need to apply for a student visa at the nearest Chile Embassy or consultant at least 30 to 60 days before your arrival.

      Requirements for a Chile Student Visa

      You must have the following document to obtain a Chile Student Visa.

      1. Completed Chile Student Visa Application Form

      2. Valid passport

      3. Passport size photo

      4. An acceptance letter from the educational institution in Chile

      5. Police clearance certificate from the native state

      6. Health insurance document

      7. Proof of enough financial means 

      8. A letter from your parents


      Processing time for a Chile Student Visa

      It will take about 15 to 20 days for visa processing.


      Cost of a Chile Student Visa

      The cost of a Chile Student Visa varies from country to country.


      The validity of a Chile Student Visa

      It is issued for up to one year, and you can also apply for a visa extension at the Departamento de Extranjeria y Migracion (Chile Immigration Department) in Chile.


      Can You Work With a Chile Student Visa?

      You are not allowed to work in the state with a Chile Student Visa; if you want to work in Chile during your studies, you need to obtain authorization to work from the Chile Immigration Department. To obtain authorization to work, you need to fulfill one of the following conditions. 

      • If it is related to your studies
      • If it is essential to pay for your studies

      Besides, to get authorization to work, you must have a job offer, and you need to submit the following documents at the Immigration Department.

      • Valid passport
      • Employment contract
      • Valid student certificate
      • Copy of your Chilean Identity Card
      • A letter stating the purpose of the request

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